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Dying to Live: Running Backwards through Cancer, Lupus, and Chronic Illness, Amy Susan Crohn, ImaginePublicity

Amy Susan Crohn and DYING TO LIVE Featured on Indies Unlimited

Independent author, Amy Susan Crohn, and her book, DYING TO LIVE: Running backwards through cancer, Lupus, and chronic illness is the featured book on the website, Indies Unlimited. Indies Unlimited is a platform for engagement between indie authors and their readers, and much more. Indies Unlimited’s website contains a treasure chest of information, not only about books, publishing and book marketing, but also the good, bad and ugly of the ever evolving industry pointing authors and readers to helpful sites, and exposing those who aren’t so helpful. Monday, September 30, DYING TO LIVE will be discovered by independent readers looking for a memoir with long lasting value. DYING TO LIVE is not only  the author’s story, but the reality of millions who suffer from chronic illness brought on by childhood maltreatment, abuse or neglect. Indie Unlimited readers will walk through Amy’s childhood, and adulthood, “running backwards” through her experiences and ending with valuable solutions. Since it’s launch, DYING TO LIVE has been an inspiration to others who recognize their own experiences within the pages, not only with their …