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Dottie Laster

The “Best Of” TRAFFICKED with Dottie Laster

TRAFFICKED with Dottie Laster Thursday, January 19, 1pm ET Listen LIVE at: Here Women Talk While Dottie Laster is on hiatus, rebroadcasts will air of past shows. Dottie will be back next week live, watch for the show announcement here! Human trafficking and child exploitation – Dottie Laster has spent her adult life combating both. An original member of the U.S. Attorney’s Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance, Selected by the US Attorney’s Office, certified by the Dept. of Justice, she has trained over 5,000 police officers and worked directly with adult and child victims. She is past administrator of Orange County, CA Human Trafficking Task Force, and her company trains organizations on human trafficking issues and consults with attorneys, investigators and organizations that serve victims of trafficking and prosecute traffickers. Dottie and her guests discuss combating human trafficking globally and in the United States. The stories will make you angry, sad, happy, enlightened, inspired and informed about the fastest growing crime in the world.