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Shattered Lives: Intimate Partner Violence and the Chief of Police Larry Rhinehart

Listen to Shattered Lives Radio   Intimate partner violence and homicide knows no boundaries; not race, ethnicity, social and economic conditions, or gender. It is epidemic everywhere around the globe and families have suffered since the day that Cain murdered his brother, Abel. Family violence, and the toll it takes, is deeply ingrained in every culture. Why? Every day the headlines cover another story of a person murdered or missing at the hands of someone who was supposed to love and care for them, many who have evil born in their hearts. For decades we have been trying to stop the flood of violence in America’s homes, but often it feels like the little boy with his finger in the dyke as the waters of violence swirl all around threatening to drown everything good about our family life. It seems like solving family problems with violence has become commonplace in our society, and finding solutions with critical thinking, communication, and peaceful interaction has taken the back seat. It takes even more than a village to find the solutions, especially …