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Jeff Mudgett Featured at 2014 Chicago Ghost Conference

November 21-23, 2014 Chicago plays host to the epic paranormal gathering, the Chicago Ghost Conference. The who’s who of the paranormal world will be in attendance giving workshops, tours, and presentations. Attendees will meet several notables like Jeff Belanger of Ghost Adventures, Chicago historian, Adam Selzer, Dave Schrader host of Darkness Radio, and the great-great-grandson of H. H. Holmes and author of BLOODSTAINS, Jeff Mudgett. For complete list of guest speakers at the conference refer to the website, Chicago Hauntings The Chicago Ghost Conference will be held at the historical Carl Schurz High School at 3601 North Milwaukee Avenue. The spectacular event is coordinated by Chicago Hauntings’ Ursula Bielksi who has hosted tours of selected haunted Chicago landmarks for 13 years, “…..From the sites of massive tragedies–like the Eastland disaster and the Iroqouis Theater Fire–to the bloody Fort Dearborn and St. Valentine’s Day Massacres… from the death site of Chicago’s most famous ghost,  “Resurrection Mary,”  to the body dump of legendary serial killer H. H. Holmes . . . From the cursed and deadly Hancock Building to the infamous Hull House, …