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Erin Moriarty, True Crime Uncensored

True Crime Uncensored: Erin Moriarty Returns to Outlaw Radio

True Crime Uncensored! Saturdays at 2pm PT, 5pm ET  Listen LIVE  on Outlaw Radio: CLICK HERE Join Burl Barer, Howard Lapides and Mark Boyer Once again, True Crime Uncensored makes radio look good! ERIN MORIARTY of CBS “48 Hours!” Erin Moriarty has been a correspondent for “48 Hours” since 1990. She has covered the death of Princess Diana, the JonBenet Ramsey investigation, the murder of financier Edmund Safra, and the war in Iraq. Before that, Moriarty was the consumer correspondent for “CBS This Morning” (1986-90) and the “CBS Evening News with Dan Rather” in 1990. Drawing on her training as an attorney, Moriarty has examined some of the most important social and legal issues of the day, including DNA testing of evidence in death-row cases, the abortion controversy and battered women’s syndrome. She covered the Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine High School shootings and the 9/11 investigation, overseas. Her exclusive behind-the-scenes report on the defense of convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was broadcast on “60 Minutes” in 1997. Join Burl Barer, Howard Lapides, Mark Boyer and Erin …

Paul Larosa,Burl Barer,True Crime Uncensored

48 Hours Producer and Author, Paul LaRosa, Appearing on True Crime Uncensored

True Crime Uncensored with hosts Burl Barer and Howard Lapides Saturday 2pm PT/5pm ET Listen LIVE: CLICK HERE Since 1992, LaRosa has worked in broadcast television for CBS News, mostly as a producer for the newsmagazine “48 Hours.” He’s won two national Emmys, one of them a Primetime Emmy for the highly-praised CBS documentary “9/11.” LaRosa was one of the producers of that documentary and in 2003 he was awarded a Peabody Award, a Christopher Award and an Edward R. Murrow Award. He’s also won a Gracie Award and a New York Press Club Award for different segments. He is also the author of several books including Tacoma Confidential which was published in January 2006, and Nightmare in Napa released in April, 2007, and Death of a Dream, co-written by CBS News Correspondent Erin Moriarty and published in March, 2008. LaRosa is a graduate of Cardinal Hayes High School and Fordham University and did graduate level work as a Revson Fellow at Columbia University. He is also an alumnus, in a different way, of the James Monroe Housing Projects in …