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Authors, Can You Market Your Book?

Are you kidding me? I just finished writing, editing, and putting this baby to bed! The publishing world has evolved from a whirlwind, cross country, all expenses paid book tours to a “no” marketing plan. Authors are on their own. Not only do authors research and write books, edit for publishing, now they must establish their digital presence, gather followers on social media sites, and get their book in the door of bookstores. On top of trying to carve out time to write, this could put any author over the edge! Let’s examine some of the things authors should be thinking about when activating a book marketing plan. 1. Take a step back Authors weren’t meant to be marketers but are thrust into that position after the hard work and pleasure of writing your book has come to “the end.” There’s no time to breathe until you get ready for a new ride… the book! TIP…  When you complete your book take a step back, but don’t let the momentum stop. It’s the most critical …

Jeff Mudgett, Bloodstains, ImaginePublicity

Jeff Mudgett, Author of BLOODSTAINS Talks to San Diego Writer’s Group

Two years ago when BLOODSTAINS  was first published, author Jeff Mudgett was invited to speak to a writer’s organization in San Diego, Go, Be, Write, who meet to inspire and socialize with writers, editors, agents and other professionals in the business. Jeff Mudgett has been extended yet another invitation by the group to be held on Saturday, May 25 at Balboa Park in San Diego. This group is not for the faint of heart, nor for the dabblers. If you’re a novice, this group will give you the knowledge to become a professional writer. If you’re a professional writer, the seminars about every aspect of being a professional writer will inspire you. Since his first visit BLOODSTAINS  has become a best seller on Amazon Kindle, has sold a successful amount of print copies, and soon will be available in audio format. BLOODSTAINS has also recently been optioned by a Hollywood studio as a major film.  Mudgett will share with the audience his experiences of self-publishing and marketing a successful book in today’s volatile publishing industry. …