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Michale Callahan,Author of “Too Politically Sensitive,” Appearances and Events

Through his book, Too Politically Sensitive, Michale Callahan recounts his experiences of exposing corruption and misuse of power. This true story is about his fight to search for the truth, no matter where it may lead, to search for real killers and help free two innocent men he learned were railroaded into prison. His actions led to the Defenders of the Innocents award from the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project. His battle led to the United States Supreme Court, where he continues to fight for his and every American’s First Amendment protection, the freedom of speech. In 2006, he received The Edmund Burke Award from the National Lawyers Association, which was inscribed, “A good man who did something to prevent the triumph of evil.” Callahan continues to speak out, and Too Politically Sensitive continues to open the eyes of the public to the fact that there is corruption in the judicial system at many levels which often points the finger of justice at the wrong person. Michale Callahan will be presenting and signing books at the following …