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Bloviating Your Blog: The Long and Short of the Post

Bloviate: “talk at length, especially in an empty or inflated way”   The debate presses on about length, or word count, of the ideal blog post. Opinions vary and many good points are made about long vs short, what online readers read, and how content length helps in SEO ranking. The long and short of blog posting Readers, how do you fall into a blog post and what keeps your attention until the end? It’s said the attention span of the average online reader will go both ways. Articles are frequently skimmed with longer ones saved for reading later on apps such as Pocket. Look at the bottom of this post and you’ll see the Pocket icon, a useful tool if you don’t have time to get to the end of this one! However, short posts won’t appropriately convey long, detailed subject matter. How long is too long? In terms of measurement, the great debate continues in the comment sections of posts such as one on the Buffer blog. As you read through this lengthy post, you’ll find …