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Diane Fanning and Beth Karas DiscussTampa Mother’s Murder Trial

The trial of Tampa housewife,Julie Schenecker, is making headlines as court watchers are trying to determine why she killed her two teenage children, Beau and Calyx, in cold blood, and whether it was pre-mediated or insanity that drove her to pull the trigger.     Beth Karas and Diane Fanning will talk about the Schenecker trial on Tuesday, May 13 on the highly popular Karas on Crime at 11am Eastern time broadcasting live on the internet through Lifestyle Talk Radio. Listen to the Podcast   In her book, SLEEP MY DARLINGS, Diane Fanning delves into the background of the case, researching the family dynamics that could have possibilities for the double murder. She painstakingly reveals the details leading up to the fateful day when the lives of two teenagers were gruesomely ended.  Sixteen-year-old Calyx and thirteen-year-old Beau Schenecker were found dead—both of them shot, then covered with blankets. Upon questioning, Julie admitted that she was “tired of the kids talking back” and just “wanted it to be over.” Had her manic depression driven her to the …

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Wild About Trial & Beth Karas: The Back Story of Jonathan Fleming Wrongful Conviction

  Thursday, April 17, 2014 Management Resources LTD of NY principles, Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin, will be discussing the Jonathan Fleming wrongful conviction and recent exoneration with noted legal expert, Beth Karas, on Wild About Trial. Catch the live broadcast Wild About Trial on Spreecast at 9pm Eastern! Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin participated in a short interview with Karas on her radio show, Karas On Crime with Beth Karas, Tuesday, April 15, but time only allowed for a quick overview of their year of investigation in the case. On Wild About Trial, Karas, Anklin, and Rahn will bring the audience the back story of the Jonathan Fleming exoneration which made national news when he was set free on April 8, 2014, after serving almost 25 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. The discussion will surround the year-long investigation, organizing hundreds of 25-year-old case documents, and tracking down witnesses and evidence of the shooting death of Darryl Rush in 1989 which convicted Fleming as a murderer. The team of investigators and attorneys spent …