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Dalal Akoury, MD Speaker at 12th Annual International Integrative Oncology Conference

  Dalal Akoury, MD recently participated in the 12th Annual International Integrative Oncology Conference “A New Caring Standard” in Reno, Nevada for health care professionals to learn about integrative oncology from doctors who have pioneered the field. The conference was produced by The Best Answer for Cancer Foundation of Austin, TX. Integrative Oncology is a patient centered approach to managing cancer using therapies that include everything needed to administer to the whole body, treating from the inside out in most cases.  The annual conference features best practices, case studies, and evolving techniques of integrative oncology. Speakers and instructors came to Reno from all over the world to participate in teaching fellow doctors and health care professionals the nuances of new medical procedures that target the cancer, not the patient. Dalal Akoury, MD spoke at the conference on The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection and Cancer. Dr. Akoury has used several new, evolving standards of care for cancer patients in her Myrtle Beach, SC clinic, AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, with good success.  Dr. Akoury says, “Aligning all of the aspects of the human spirit, mind, and body correctly will …

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Restoring Health with Food: You Can Eat Your Way to Better Health!

    Nearly everyone with a search engine can find information about symptoms, disease, and treatment options, but what simple measures can be taken to improve overall health? Surrounding the body with natural, plant-based food, along with those containing life-giving nutrients, minerals, and vitamins can go a long way to restoring a body that has been on a diet of fast foods, sodas, and sugar based food. The immune system is clearly the important factor in staying out of a state of disease and must be optimized for healthy bodies. When the immune system is weak it can lead to disorders of the organs, tissue, and cells that would normally be active in protecting the body against bacteria, viruses, germs, and other invaders through the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system contains white blood cells that trap the invaders, including cancer cells. White blood cells are the cells of the immune system, made in one of the lymph organs, the bone marrow, along with the spleen and thymus. Several researches have shown that nutrition plays a major role in supporting …

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Dalal Akoury, MD: Regeneration with Stem Cells

  Stem cell research has made great strides in regenerative medicine as well as rejuvenation practices to regulate the natural healing process in response to injury and degenerative changes. One area which stem cell research is making progress is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) which acts as a potent tissue growth stimulant, amplifying the natural process of tissue repair and healing. PRP induces the production of new collagen, bone and cartilage cells at the site of the injection, rebuilding the joint cartilage and strengthening injured ligaments and tendons. Moreover, doctors are increasingly using PRP in sports medicine for the treatment of chronic tendon conditions, but also for acute muscle injuries. Because PRP is produced from your own blood, there is no concern for rejection or disease transmission. During in-office PRP procedure, a patient’s own blood is drawn, spun and enriched to isolate platelets and stem cells. These spun platelets are up to five fold more concentrated than in normal blood. The doctor then identifies the proper location for the injection. When PRP is injected it stimulates the tendon or ligament causing a …

AWAREmed Spring Open House

  Register Here! Spaces are very limited, RSVP by March 31   Founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, Dalal Akoury, MD, says, “My mission is to ignite the spark of health deep within everyone, and to allow this sparkle of wellness to shine through everyone’s eyes, becoming one with the universe, and aligning body, mind, and spirit.” Dr. Akoury’s practice focuses on personalized medicine through lifestyle healthy choices that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of patchingup symptoms. She started her journey and quest for medically wholistic practice by training with the world’s leading experts in bio-identical hormone replacement, interventional endocrinology, growth hormone replacement, adrenal dysfunction, thyroid disorders, advanced nutritional therapies, and integrative and functional medicine. These treatments are described in the evidence-based medical literature. What that means is that these treatments are NOT experimental and they have been applied successfully and safely to patients.  

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Is Your Doctor an Addict?

Addiction comes in all varieties, drugs, alcohol, food, sex, work, and gambling, but one thing which gives us the wrong impression is that addicts are a “one size fits all” kind of person. What picture comes to mind when you think about an addict? A homeless street person, down and out and dirty looking feverishly for the next fix? Nothing could be further from the truth, and an addict may even be your trusted family doctor who is abusing prescription drugs. The truth is that addicts, just like addictions, come from all walks of life. Addiction knows no socio-economic background, and is oftentimes thought of as a victimless crime where the addict is the only victim. We don’t like to think of the ripple affect that addiction has on others surrounding the addict, whether it be family, friends, or, in some instances, a whole community. When the community is being treated at the local doctor’s office, we expect a certain amount of knowledge and trust to be available to all patients from the staff of …