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The Will James Mystery Series: Interview with author Martin Herman

    Martin Herman has been writing timely articles and short stories since he was 11 years old and growing up in Brooklyn over 70 years ago.  His 6th grade teacher told him to create a new story each and every week for the rest of his life; the story could consist of just a few key words or be many pages long.  He missed a few weeks – but not many – and by 8th grade, he was selling short stories to magazines around the country. In 2015, several months before his 75th birthday, he published his first full-length novel, a historical murder mystery, “The Jefferson Files”.  In 2016 he published his next novel, a contemporary thriller, “The Hidden Treasure Files”.  In May of 2017, he published his third novel in the current series, a modern tale of murder and terrorist inspired chaos, “The Sweet Revenge Files”. Website: MartinHermanAuthor.Com If you would like to be considered for an interview on ImaginePublicity on Air please email with a brief synopsis of your topic.

Is Your Book Networking in All the Right Places? Self-Marketing Tips

“Go where you know.”  This holds true in social media networking and marketing your book.  Although the important arenas for connecting with the masses are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+,  an author may need to go beyond the place where everyone is, and find “where you know” to connect with potential readers. Authors have a specific goal that’s common among them, to sell books.  Creating works of art with words and illustrations, and sharing this creation with their audience is why writers write, whether it be for recognition of their work, promoting an issue, or their chosen career in which to make a living, all good reasons to sell books.   As an author, where are you spending your social media time? There are an immense amount of users on Facebook (800 million), Twitter continues to lead, LinkedIn connects you professionally, and Google+  allows connection more specifically with those in your “circle” of expertise. While each of these networks, and many others not mentioned are truly important in the big picture, authors must figure out how to break them down into …

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The Top 10 Self-Promotion Mistakes

Most of the tips in the following article are related to books and authors, however, no matter what you’re promoting, whether it be an author, website, or *gasp* yourself, this article has some timely advice and pitfalls to avoid. By: Cynthia Sterling (originally posted in 2011) Since most publishers do little to promote individual books or authors, self-promotion can help authors reach the attention of readers, booksellers, reviewers and others who can help forward their careers. But the wrong kind of self-promotion can do more harm than good. Savvy self-promoters avoid the following mistakes: 1. Not targeting your audience, or targeting the wrong audience. Self promotion begins with a plan. Decide who you want your promotion efforts to reach: book sellers, romance readers, other readers? Different types of promotion are effective with different groups. Book sellers might be receptive to Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) of your book, or shelf-talkers or other material that might help them sell the book once it’s in the stores. Readers might be better approached with a bookmark or newsletter. 2. Spamming More …

The Queens of True Crime, Diane Fanning and Kathryn Casey Grace The Susan Murphy Milano Show

The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Time’s Up!” Thursdays at 2pm ET Listen LIVE at: Here Women Talk REBROADCAST Good friends, each of them living in Texas, and their penchant for well researched books in a genre that often gets a less than stellar view, Casey and Fanning often show up in the same circle of events.  To have them together is a double hit of talent.  Along with all of their true crime books, each has developed a series of crime based novels with a strong female lead character, Fanning’s Det. Lucinda Pierce and Casey’s Sarah Armstrong, both which leave readers wanting more. Diane Fanning Before writing her first true crime book, Fanning wrote for magazines,television, radio and ad agencies in Virginia, earning many awards, before she moved to Texas where her career in true crime blossomed, along with her work with several non profit organizations. She has served on the executive committees of the Writers’ League of Texas and the Heart of Texas chapter of Sisters in Crime and is also a member of Mystery Writers of America. Several of Fanning’s …

Speaker Services: TALK UP YOUR BOOK Teleclass

May 3  COMPLIMENTARY PREVIEW CALL 4pm-5pm PT or 7pm-8pm ET    Even if you can’t make it we will send you the mp3 Register Now   Talk Up Your Book is an informative, interactive, focused 5-session teleclass event specifically designed to prepare and arm you, the author, with everything you need to successfully get you — and your book — out to the public domain and position yourself to start making money! DATES: 5 Thursdays, May 31-June 28  4pm-5:30pm PT or 7pm -8:30pm ET All calls recorded for later listening Valuable handouts included! For all the details and registration for this 5 session teleclass, please visit Speaker Services website:  CLICK HERE Speaker Services offers a wide variety of services recommended and endorsed by ImaginePublicity. If you would like to take advantage of a FREE consultation, contact us and we will be happy to facilitate!   phone: 843.808.0859 email: