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5 Easy Pieces: Speakers and Presenters

No matter what your level of expertise as a speaker or presenter, if you follow 5 easy steps when addressing an audience as an expert, it will go a long way towards showcasing your expertise, engaging your audience, and guaranteeing a positive return on your time. If you don’t find yourself at the point where you consider yourself a successful speaker, and recognize the potential for a lucrative income stream, be sure to sign up for training with Speaker Services.  With their vast experience, they will show you moves you never thought about! Don’t sell yourself short and, remember, as you prepare your next presentation, think about using these 5 simple tips as a guideline! Step 1- Know your Audience It’s important to know to whom you are speaking.  If you’re able, communicate with the event planner and find out who will be in the audience, what professions will be represented, and what corporate/employee/guest level will be attending. Ask yourself, “Is the person in the front row at the same experience level as I am, or …