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GOODNIGHT JUST THE SAME: Children’s Book by April Claxton

April Claxton brings her newest children’s book, Goodnight Just The Same. Authored by April Claxton Illustrated by Diane Koziol Krueger Edited by Marissa Cohen The time has come for this book to be written. There are families across the globe that no longer fit the “normal” stereotype of what a family is. This book teaches us that every family structure is “normal.” We have step-mommies and step-daddies. We have no mommies and no daddies. We also have two mommies and two daddies. Some of us only have one mommy, daddy or grandparent to raise us. No matter what the structure of your family is, it is important to note that a family is a family as long as it comes from love. It is about the feelings we feel when we go to sleep so that we have better feelings when we awake. To the moon every family is tucked in Just The Same. What people are saying: “It will help any child of any age go to bed and wake up feeling like they’re loved.” -Melody …

The Movement Within BIG Kid Workshop Saturday August 13

  BIG KID WORKSHOP 2 hour inspirational and motivational workshop that will include meditation, exercises- individual and group- all to do one thing: bring out the kid in you! -Learn why it is important and healthy to be childlike. -Learn how being childlike can be good for your job, life and family. -Connect to and meet your inner child. -Learn how to laugh, let go, grow and live! For individuals and parents! Ages 7+ If you have a child, they are WELCOME and encouraged to participate! There will not be child daycare. Workshop is meant to be a bonding and growing experience for all involved. Saturday 8/13/11 1-3pm Weston, FL Self Investment of $25 adults $10 children (13 and under) Pay via paypal (april@themovementwithin.c​om) or cash in person Call or email for more information (843) 333-1835 april@themovementwithin   To keep up with all of The Movement Within activities, workshops, radio shows and opportunities, visit the website often and keep in your bookmarks!

April Claxton and Jillian Maas Backman Together on The Movement Within on CBS Radio

The Movement Within Radio welcomes Jillian Maas Backman LIVE on Monday May 9, 2011 6p EST. Listen LIVE:       “Beyond the Pews, Breaking with Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown.” Jillian is an Award-Winning Radio Personality and Intuitive Life Coach. She addresses the spiritual and emotional sides of every day life through personal interaction with people she meets during her life’s journey. With her degree in psychology from the University of Texas in San Antonio, she is able to see beyond the surface and deep into the self to understand human nature and emotion, the complete person. “My childhood was surrounded by a continuous connection to the “church” spent honoring a faithful beginning. Great events can occur in someone’s ordinary life without their impact even being recognized for future outcomes… In other words, who knew I would know what I already know: Self-awareness of a soulful connection with intellect and intuition? Throughout my younger years I tapped into this gift, and used it here and there; it was not until my later years, in college, that …

Save the Date! April Claxton and The Movement Within: “Explore Gratitude” in Beautiful Miami!

The Movement Within’s CEO April Claxton Co-Creates with Carla Ginebra, Rickie Garcia and Camile Araujo to bring YOU a Day Full of Gratitude and Self Discovery! Are You Ready to be Lifted and Inspired? Then, Let’s Go! Saturday 5/21/11 10am – 4pm Kings Creek Clubhouse 8333 SW 81st Avenue Miami, FL 33143 (843) 333-1835 $45 Includes: – Food/ Drinks – Meditation – The Power of Gratitude (Life After Trauma) – Why Movement Within is Necessary and How Gratitude Can Add to Your Life – Motivation – Inspiration – Hope – Connecting – Free Goodies – & More!