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Dottie Laster: Why Do I Do What I Do? The Positive Effects of Human Trafficking Advocacy Training

As Dottie Laster completes another  Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy training session, the necessity for training across the country becomes clearer, this time in a heartwarming way. To her surprise, on the first day of the 2 day session, the attendees contained two survivors of trafficking  which she assisted in their rescue and restoration.  At the end of a long day of training, her thoughts return to other victims in need of the same services and the dire need for advocates to know exactly what to do for them. The Positive Effects of Human Trafficking Advocacy Training Advocacy training is where anyone can learn about case histories, legal details and distinctions in place to stop and punish traffickers, and how to become an advocate who brings recovery and services to survivors. It takes much more than reading books and articles, or even just the passion to help. Although both important, the rescue of trafficking victims is a dangerous business, and without proper training and support services, the dangers become quite risky. Victim restoration back into society is a …

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Shattered Lives Exclusive! “Mr. Madam” Goes Public

Listen to Shattered Lives Radio Exclusively on Shattered Lives Radio, Former male madam goes public! Shattered Lives Radio has touched upon the issue of human trafficking in the past, but one area that hasn’t been given much discussion is from the perspective of a former “male madam” John Pace has agreed to exclusively give Shattered Lives Radio listeners the first, and rare, opportunity to learn about the other side of “the business” and, as a reformed male madam, how he uses his experience to educate others about the pitfalls of trafficking and how to recognize what may be going on in your own suburban backyard. What is a male madam? Just as the female counterpart, he is the one who procures girls for sale to male buyers, a very lucrative business otherwise known as sex trafficking. Often considered a victimless crime, guest John Pace will shed light on the many ways those recruited into this business are forever victimized by it, and how we, as a society, set up our males to pay for sex. “I plan …