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Shattered Lives Radio: Crime and Addiction with Dalal Akoury, MD

Listen to Shattered Lives Radio Statistics show that most modern-day crime is either a direct result of addiction, or indirectly a result of mental health and addiction related circumstances. Once incarcerated most inmates are not properly assessed for treatment options. In 2005, federal, state and local governments spent $74 billion on incarceration, court proceedings, probation and parole for substance-involved adult and juvenile offenders, and less than 1% of that amount—$632 million—on prevention and treatment, according to CASAColumbia’s research. The report found that only 11% of all inmates with addiction received any treatment during their incarceration. The report found that if all inmates who needed treatment and aftercare received such services, the nation would break even in a year if just over 10% remained substance-free, crime-free and employed. Thereafter, for each former inmate who remained substance-free, crime-free and employed, the nation would reap an economic benefit of $90,953 per year. Shattered Lives Radio will discuss the many forms of addiction with guest, Dalal Akoury, MD of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, and an addiction recovery treatment specialist. …