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Free at Last! Successful Addiction Recovery Treatment with Dr. Dalal Akoury

  Addiction and substance abuse creates a completely incompatible, and often dangerous, lifestyle. In order to be completely free from addictions several things need to take place, the most important, engaging to develop positive changes in lifestyle. Generally it’s quite difficult to make the changes necessary in one’s life to complete a turnaround, whether from over eating, lack of exercise, or spiritual grounding. All of these things take a committed decision. Addiction recovery is no different. Based on the nature of the addictive dependency, and the level of the patient’s decision to recover, outpatient detox and recovery treatments are seeing a new level of success, especially in heroin detox. There will always be times when it’s best to be admitted to a hospital or rehab center, especially when serious drug or alcohol addiction have expectations of a period of physical and mental discomfort, and often, pain. However, addicts are often reluctant to live with the stigma of accepting in-patient treatment and there must be alternative options available. Other challenges factor into the equation when deciding to go to …

Addiction Recovery Treatment

Dr. Dalal Akoury and Addiction Recovery and Treatment Education

  Addiction and recovery are a complex issue affecting the physical, mental, and spiritual imbalance of the body of those addicted to drugs or alcohol, but there is effective and safe help available. One of the most difficult things to overcome is the craving for the addictive substance. From years of substance abuse, the brain is adversely affected and only wishes for the pleasure and feeling from the substance. Once the addictive substance alters the brain function, it interferes with the ability to think clearly, reason properly, or remember. Those in the medical and mental health community are seeing that addictions are not just affecting those who live a marginal lifestyle, but also affects their peers and those in executive type professions. More often than not, many do not seek assistance because of embarrassment or loss of stature in the community. “By focusing on how much effort you put into drugs or alcohol and giving yourself up to the substance, you condition your brain to believe that you are an addict and going to be one for …