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Author Orlando (Ori) Spado honestly recants his humble beginnings from the small town of Rome in upstate New York to becoming known as The Mob Boss of Hollywood.  A candid account documenting his fall from a well-known Hollywood fixer mixing with A list celebrities to serving 62 months in Federal prison, and ultimately making a determined comeback.

Published by WildBlue Press where copies may be purchased.


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Baz is known as “the Patron Saint for Missing Kids.” He is a former CIA Intelligence Special Operations Group Paramilitary Case Officer, recipient of the Intelligence Commendation Medal, former counter-terrorism officer in the United States Marine Corps and a graduate of The Citadel.  He currently contracts as a “life guarantor” for people entering high threat environments.

In 1993 Baz founded the Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC), an organization comprised of former and active intelligence, military, and law enforcement personnel dedicated to the recovery of missing and exploited American children in foreign and domestic locations. In 2019, on invitation of the White House and DOJ, Baz introduced ARC’s legislative initiative involving severe penalties for those who sexually exploit any child under the age of 18 in the U.S.

Baz is well known globally for his expertise and extraordinary skillset.  Author of Terrorism Survival Handbook, he has been called on by CNN and MSNBC as an advisor and spokesperson on the war on Terrorism and Homeland Security.  He is also a film and television writer, producer and actor.  Bazzel Baz co-starred as the commander of Raymond Reddington’s paramilitary group on NBC’s The BLACKLIST for four seasons.


Dom Stasi podcast


THE STRAIT:  Pilot Jake Silver is haunted by a cruel irony—he secretly suspects that he’s the reason Swede Bergstrom, the hero who saved his life, has fallen on hard times. Upon learning that Swede has been killed during the commission of a crime, the guilt-driven Jake too-willingly agrees to follow Swede’s mysterious and beautiful sister, Christina, on a search to clear her brother’s name.

Reviews: Literary and atmospheric, Dom Stasi’s debut thriller will have you turning pages late into the night with its high-flying action and intriguing mystery. As answers continue to be uncovered, the final pieces of the puzzle are as shocking as they are satisfying.

Dom Stasi is a master at weaving intriguing characters, thrilling situations, complex details and historical facts into a can’t-put-down tale that will leave you breathless.”

Published by WildBlue Press


Roman Martin, Author of UNDERWORLD: How to survive and thrive in the American Mafia

So, you wanna be a gangster!? Roman Martin’s new book will tell you how and gives important pointers on how to be the best of the best in the American Mafia from the viewpoint of those in “The Life.” You think you know the ropes from the Godfather, Goodfellas, or Wise Guys? Think again! Martin covers the backstories of the infamous, famous, and mobsters you’ve never heard of!  Enjoy the ride!

Published by: WildBlue Press


Guest: Dennis Griffin author of SURVIVORS

The survivors of victims of murder and suspicious death are often victimized twice—first by the loss of their loved one and subsequently by the system they rely on for justice. In pursuit of police transparency and search for justice, retired investigator Dennis Griffin takes us inside the world of real crime cases to expose the shocking truth behind the alarming number of unsolved murders and suspicious deaths classified as accidental, self-inflicted, or natural—with little to no investigation.

Order SURVIVORS  (*no profit is made from this book, all royalties are donated to victim advocacy organizations)


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Guest host, Jillian Maas Backman welcomes Natalie Darby and Vanessa Suggs to discuss how human trafficking victims navigate the healthcare system, some not recognizing the fact that they are victims.

Topics: Healthcare worker Tips
-what to do when a victim doesn’t recognize that they are a victim or doesn’t want help
– what red flags to look for
– what physical complaints and signs and symptoms
– what medical places victims are seen
– % of victims seen in healthcare settings during trafficking

Jillian Maas Backman is an award-winning radio host, author, and authority in leadership development and intuitive intelligence. Her clients include high profile professionals, educational institutions, and businesses nationwide. JillianMaasBackman.com


Human Rights for Children

Guest host, Jillian Maas Backman discusses what happens to children who were criminally charged as adults when they leave the criminal justice system. Guest James Dold talks about his life experiences and what he’s doing today to foster positive change for children.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s states began passing laws to make it easier to transfer children into the adult criminal justice system which exposed them to harsh mandatory minimum sentences and mandatory sentencing enhancements.Today, an estimated 76,000 children are prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system every year. These children can face severe punishment that is not age-appropriate and is disproportionate given their young age and lessened culpability relative to that of adults.

Jillian Maas Backman is an award-winning radio host, author, and authority in leadership development and intuitive intelligence. Her clients include high profile professionals, educational institutions, and businesses nationwide. JillianMaasBackman.com

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Discussed in this episode is the issue of human trafficking and how to best serve victims, even those who are arrested and in prison.

Guest host Jillian Maas Backman has a conversation on the subject with guest Alyssa MacKenzie of STATUSA.

We also want to give credit to, and awareness, of the Coastal Region Human Trafficking Task force which serves Horry and Georgetown counties in South Carolina.

Author interview Phil Sheehan

First time author, Phil Sheehan, comes out of the gate with a sci-fi blockbuster, HAPPENSTANCE, first in an upcoming series featuring the character Blake Thompson and his SEAL team.

Whether you are a die hard sci-fi and techno-thriller fan, or have yet to dip your toes into the genre, you may want to give HAPPENSTANCE a read. According to author, Phil Sheehan, it contains a lot of suspense, action, and some historical twists that all come together in an explosive finish.

Published by WildBlue Press

Author website CLICK HERE

Purchase from Amazon: Paperback or Kindle



Award-winning Mob author Dennis Griffin joins forces with Joey “the Fixer” Silvestri to tell a tale of a bygone era when organized crime dominated New York City. It was a time when neighborhood bosses controlled their turf and some cops would look the other way for the right price. Your best friend one day might want you dead the next. It was a violent life in which only the strong survived.

Order A Family Business here: https://www.amazon.com/FAMILY-BUSINESS-Times-Fixer-Silvestri-ebook/dp/B07MTNTWYP?keywords=true+crime

ImaginePublicity on Air interview with Henry Cordes

What creates a serial killer capable of unspeakable brutality?

Henry Cordes a reporter for the Omaha World-Herald whose book, PATHOLOGICAL: The Murderous Rage Of Dr. Anthony Garcia, recounts a series of murders, five years apart in Omaha, NE and the ensuing investigation, capture, and trial of Dr. Anthony Garcia.

More information at WildBlue Press


In WRECKING CREW: Demolishing The Case Against Steven Avery, John Ferak lays out in exacting detail the post-conviction strategy of Kathleen Zellner, the high-profile, high-octane lawyer, to free Avery. To write this book, Zellner, perhaps America’s most successful wrongful conviction attorney, gave Ferak unfettered access to the exhaustive pro bono efforts she and her small suburban Chicago law firm dedicated for a man she believes to be a victim of an unscrupulous justice system in Manitowoc County.

Author Website: http://www.johnferak.com/

More at WildBlue Press



In THE LAST MAN STANDING, true crime author Alan Warren writes in exacting detail about the kidnapping, murder and subsequent investigations—both in 1957 and 2008—that eventually led to the murder conviction of Jack McCullough. But the story doesn’t stop there as it delves into the years McCullough spent in prison and the efforts to have his conviction overturned.

Author website: http://somethingweirdmedia.com

More at WildBlue Press


The story of Rocco Balliro, a petty criminal and enforcer for New England crime boss Raymond L.S. Patriarca, played out in glaring headlines across the country following the shootout with the Boston police. Had he heeded the commands of the cops to drop his weapon, Rocco would not have spent the next fifty years behind bars, and his girlfriend and her son might still be alive today. Instead, he fired the gun, erupting death and mayhem in the apartment. In the aftermath of the shootings, all fingers pointed at Rocco. But he would maintain his innocence in the death of his girlfriend and her son for the rest of his life, though plagued with lingering questions.

“A real page-turner for Mob enthusiasts and organized crime history buffs. A must read.”–Dennis N. Griffin, bestselling author of The Rise And Fall Of A ‘Casino’ Mobster

More details at WildBlue Press


Now I Lay Me Down skillfully tells the true story of two little girls (Skyla Whitaker and Taylor Placker) who were brutally gunned down on a country road in Weleetka, Oklahoma in 2008. The case took several years to solve, and the murder of another victim, Ashley Taylor.

Faith Phillips takes readers through the whole journey, including a look through the eyes of prosecutor Maxey Reilly who finally brought justice to the families. Excellently written with the pen of a superb story teller.

She is also the author of Ezekial’s Wheels and It’s Not That Hard To

To order autographed copies: http://readbooksby.faith/book/now-i-lay-me-down/

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A fictional account of Ralph Delligatti’s fifty years in the casino industry is drawn from actual events with names changed to protect the innocent.  The Last Casino takes readers behind the scenes, the gangs, the celebrities, the gambling, and of course a good conspiracy thrown in to make it interesting!

“I’ve worked in the Casino Industry for almost fifty years. Most of which was spent in Las Vegas. The idea for the book is drawn from actual events that occurred during the late 1970s. It has a number of anecdotes relating to my experiences with Elvis Presley, Redd Foxx, Chuck Norris and Howard Hughes. The main story is about the last mob run casino in Vegas.”

The Last Casino website: http://www.thelastcasino.net/

Deb Breede

Talking Through Death examines communication at the end-of-life from several different communication perspectives: interpersonal (patient, provider, family), mediated, and cultural.  It reports on research recently conducted by the authors and others to create a conversational, narrative text that helps students, patients, and medical providers understand the symbolism and construction of meaning inherent in end-of-life communication.

Dr. Deborah C. Breede, a Professor of Communication, teaches communication, women’s and gender studies, and graduate courses at Coastal Carolina University (CCU) in Conway, South Carolina.



A monster was on a killing spree. In just nine months, seven people went missing; all of their bodies eventually discovered in a wooded lot behind a suburban strip mall. But the investigation that led law enforcement to their suspect, William Devin Howell, is only part of the story behind HIS GARDEN: Conversations With A Serial Killer.

A practicing attorney, author Anne K. Howard first contacted Howell while he was serving a fifteen-year sentence for the murder of one of his seven victims. He was about to be charged for the remaining six murders. A unique and disturbing friendship between the two began, comprised of written correspondence, face-to-face prison visits and recorded phone calls. Howell, who had been unwilling to speak to any members of the media, came to trust Howard.

Order HIS GARDEN: Conversations With A Serial Killer. from WildBlue Press


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Since he can remember, nature has been a central part of Sebastian Slovin’s life. He was fortunate to grow up in the beach community of La Jolla, California, and spent his childhood mixing it up in the ocean. As a young boy, he lost his father to suicide, which would later deeply inspire his path in life and inspire his writing. Sebastian is the author of The Adventures of Enu and Ashes in the Ocean. 

Sebastian is passionate about sharing his story with the intention to help create space for conversations about suicide, mental health, and other difficult topics – to break down the stigma around these topics.

Sebastian and his partner Sonya co-founded Nature Unplugged which offers developmental coaching with the focus of cultivating healthy relationships with technology and reconnection to nature. In addition to coaching, Nature Unplugged offers workshops and retreats.

Website: SebastianSlovin.Com

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Debbie Levison, an award-winning journalist, tells the extraordinary account of her parents’ ordeals, both in one of the darkest times in world history and their present-day lives.

After surviving the horrors of the Holocaust – in ghettos, on death marches, and in concentration camps – a young couple seeks refuge in North America. They settle into a new life, certain that the terrors of their past are behind them. They build themselves a cozy little cottage on a lake in Muskoka, a cottage that becomes emblematic of their victory over the Nazis. The charming retreat is a safe haven, a refuge from haunted memories.

More at WildBlue Press

Author website: http://debbielevison.com

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Kathryn Casey is an award-winning journalist, who has written for Rolling StoneTV GuideReader’s DigestTexas Monthly, and many other publications. She’s the author of seven previous true crime books and the creator of the highly acclaimed Sarah Armstrong mystery series. Casey has appeared on Oprah, Oprah Winfrey’s Oxygen network, BiographyNancy Grace, E! network, truTV, Investigation Discovery, the Travel Channel, and A&E. She lives in Houston with her husband and their dog, Nelson.

On this podcast Kathryn Casey discusses her latest book, IN PLAIN SIGHT, as well as her Sarah Armstrong mystery series.

Author website: http://www.kathryncasey.com/


In her new book, A MURDER IN MY HOMETOWN, Rebecca Morris writes about her investigation into the unsolved murder of a high school classmate in Corvallis, Oregon fifty years ago. Set against the backdrop of 1968, one of the most eventful and dramatic years in America, “A Murder in My Hometown” is part true crime and part memoir. Number one New York Times author Gregg Olsen calls it “a heartbreaking and illuminating saga.”

More at WildBlue Press

Author website: RebeccaMorris.Com 

Thank you, Delilah….my favorite interview of all time! It was great speaking with a woman who grew up in the same era…


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The White House is Fake

It was the year 1956 with President Dwight Eisenhower signing the bill for the Federal-Aid Highway Act into law. It was also known as the National Interstate and Defense Highway Act. The law was executed on June 29, 1956 with an estimate of over 25 billion for the 41,000 miles of highway to be built. In 1957 Dwight Eisenhower modified the act to include a Presidential Protection Act. In 1992 Nelson Conrad discovered what the Presidential Protection Act was and how the government has been lying to the American People. Learn why the DOT (Department of Transportation) was involved in this secret since 1957. It wasn’t until 2016 until this truth was to be exposed. This is the story of Nelson Conrad.

More at The White House is Fake

Judith Yates podcast




Bullied to Death? The Story of Bullying, Social Media, and the Suicide of Sherokee Harriman

True crime author Judith A. Yates peels back the sensationalism and rumors, revealing the truth of what happened that day in Mankin Park, attempting to answer the question everyone was asking: did Sherokee Harriman kill herself because she was bullied? Exploring the truth about “bullicide” while telling Sherokee Harriman’s story, taking a look at the role of social media in our lives, and defining the myriad definitions of “bullying.” Revealing bullying does exists … it lives within the family dynamic, it exists in the mental health care system, walks the hallways of the educational system, and grows within all peer groups.

More at WildBlue Press

Robert Davidson Interview

Before abuse hot lines and safe houses were widespread, June Briand shot four bullets into her husband’s head and was sentenced to fifteen years to life. This is the shocking true story of survival—and the intense bond June shared with her pathologically violent husband, a monster who physically and sexually tortured, degraded and dominated her so relentlessly that she refused to believe he was dead even after she killed him……The Beast I Loved by Robert Davidson is available from WildBlue Press.

Author Robert Davidson discusses battered women’s syndrome and the answer to “why didn’t she just leave?” as it applies to the case of June Briand in The Beast I Loved.

More at WildBlue Press

Dottie Laster & Francis Buk

Francis Buk is a native of southern Sudan. At the age of seven, he was captured and enslaved for 10 years. Hear the story of how he was able to escape, come to the US, and was instrumental in the creation of a new nation, South Sudan.

Francis Buk is available for speaking engagements, conferences, and seminars: https://speakerpedia.com/speakers/francis-buk

Dottie Laster is the current Executive Director of Heidi Search Center in San Antonio, TX and is a licensed private investigator. She co-founded the Texas Institute of Investigations. For details: DottieLaster.Com or TheHeidiSearchCenter.Org

Martin Herman interview



Martin Herman has been writing timely articles and short stories since he was 11 years old and growing up in Brooklyn over 70 years ago.  His 6th grade teacher told him to create a new story each and every week for the rest of his life; the story could consist of just a few key words or be many pages long.  He missed a few weeks – but not many – and by 8th grade, he was selling short stories to magazines around the country.

In 2015, several months before his 75th birthday, he published his first full-length novel, a historical murder mystery, “The Jefferson Files”.  In 2016 he published his next novel, a contemporary thriller, “The Hidden Treasure Files”.  In May of 2017, he published his third novel in the current series, a modern tale of murder and terrorist inspired chaos, “The Sweet Revenge Files”.

Website: MartinHermanAuthor.Com




Debbie Hodges explains her decision to opt out of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and pay the penalty even though she has a rare chronic illness, is prescribed several expensive medications, and has ongoing issues related to her health situation. More information




In NO STONE UNTURNED by New York Times bestselling author Steve Jackson readers are taken on a fascinating, often-shocking journey into a realm of crime investigation of which few people are aware. Necrosearch’s most challenging cases are described, step-by-step, as these modern-day Sherlock Holmes’s detect bodies and evidence thought irretrievable, and testify in court to bring cold-blooded killers to justice. More information

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Jillian Maas Backman, Change Already,Summer Sessions with Jillian Maas Backman

Summer Sessions with Jillian Maas Backman will cover topics related to Jillian, intuitive leadership development, and personal practical intuitive growth for health and well being. “Warm and fuzzy with an attitude!” Join Jillian and sidekick, ImaginePublicity’s Delilah Jones for this fun and informative series all summer long!


Episode #1: Who is Jillian and Why You Should Know Her

Episode #2: Intuition and Leadership: Why is it Necessary?

Episode #3: Practical, Personal Uses of Intuition in Everyday Life

Episode #4: Intuition vs Psychic, What’s the Difference?

Episode #5: Intuitive Health, Physical and Mental

Episode #6: Intuition Among Friends


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Donna R. Gore, LadyJustice,Shattered Lives,ImaginePublicity


Listen each week as Delilah co-hosts Shattered Lives Radio on the Inside Lenz Network with host Donna Gore



ImaginePublicity produces and co-hosts the NEW Crime Wire with host, Dennis Griffin on the Inside Lenz Network. Listen regularly for interviews with authors, investigators, law enforcement, advocates, family members, and experts in their fields.

Listen to the preview:

Interview with Peas in Their Pods, Janice Lowery & Gaetane Borders

In a continuing effort to bring attention to the plight of missing African-American children throughout the United States, Peas In Their Pods founder Janice Lowery,  president Gaetane Borders, and the Peas In Their Pods volunteers continue to work tirelessly by utilizing theirorganization’s missing child alert system called The Rilya Alert. More information