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Creating the “UN” To-Do List!

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What could squelch creativity more than being overwhelmed by a gigantic “to-do” list and feeling completely paralyzed?

In the age of technology,  if you search the term “how to un-do a to-do list” the results are related to a general instruction of how to correct a document on a computer.

So, what is the “UN” to-do list? It’s a way of paring down today’s pace and putting it into proper perspective for a more balanced work life, and integrating time to play or re-charge.

If we don’t regularly back away from work, we become less productive and the long hours take a toll on everything we do.

1. Prioritize what “to-do”

Start the day of work life to-do list with the number 1 most important thing “to-do?”  Then just do it!

Close off all other avenues of distraction and concentrate, focus on that number 1, most important item. Shut off the phone, close down all other tabs and windows, close the door and finish item number 1.

Procrastination is probably one of the biggest productivity killers. Everyone is so guilty, and you know this is speaking to you!

If each day is started with just one “number 1” most important thing, finished from beginning to end, it may be more than what’s accomplished in a week for some!

Ooops! as I’m writing this I just lost precious time…looked at email, glanced through Facebook, and hit a news link!

Close down the tabs…do it NOW!

2. Perspective of the to-do list

Try to objectify the list of things to-do. While it’s important to organize tasks on a daily basis, make the list, then go back through and edit from a more objective viewpoint.

Ask yourself if some of the items are just on there because they are so simple, can be crossed off so quickly,  it just makes you feel better to see something that can be deleted.  Take a shower, get dressed, or check email, are the kind of things that should be routine and do not belong on the list!

When the tasks are given a new perspective of importance, you’ll see there are many that don’t need to be on the list, or can be delegated to a co-worker, intern, or colleague. Don’t try to do everything!

3. Plan for Playtime on the to-do list

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a timeworn cliche, but work and play must be better balanced in order to stay sane and be more productive during work time.

What would you consider the best definition of “playtime?” Amusement, diversion, leisure, distraction, pleasure, merrymaking, fun, enjoyment, recreation…all are synonyms for “play.”

Reflect back on the past few days, see if you can remember how many hours/days you’ve devoted to just playing.

If you, like many, are having trouble with that memory, you need to put “playtime” at the top of your to-do list.

4. Pull the Plug on the to-do list

Make an “UN” To-Do list. Sounds a little odd, doesn’t it?

While spending time to list the daily tasks, prioritizing and putting it in perspective, planning for playtime, the plug must be pulled!  Eeeek!

Too much time in our daily lives is spent plugged in and available to the rest of the world, we must devote time to pull the plug and experience life, face to face.

I found one of the most creative sites while doing this post, simply, UNDO, what to do when you unplug.

So you can’t think of something to occupy your self if you’re unplugged from your smartphone, computer, television, games, or any other electronic devise? This site is an interactive list from people around the country devoted to being unplugged for 1 day a week. Bookmark it and use it often, become involved in “Undoing!”

5. Plan to stop within the to-do list

If you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will. As you start the day filling up the to-do list, plan to stop.

Set a specific time each day, it can vary from day to day, to stop what you’re doing. Yes, just STOP!

Walk away from it all for 1/2-1 hour, believe me, the work will still be there and you won’t be missed. Take a walk, take a nap, read a book (with a cover and paper pages!), meditate, pray, breathe, or just clear your head.

Come back to the work station refreshed, recharged, and ready to complete the next task on your to-do list! I promise you’ll get more done than you thought you would.

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After my initial backslide, I closed down all tabs and turned off my phone. I’ve now completed this post for you in record time! I think I must practice what I preach more often!

What are some of the ways you plan to UN do? Would love to hear your ideas and comments!

Creating the “UN” To-Do List!


Content CRAPShoot

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Content is king, or is it a crapshoot? What is the next trending subject matter to eagerly bring an audience to websites, blogs, and influence news sites?

As marketers and promoters strive for our piece of the public pie and attention to what we are doing, we tend to overdose our audience on the same old “crap!”

Has content marketing become a rehash of the same stuff, different place, with new buzzwords? Or are there definite differences in the way original ideas are explored and disseminated?

I believe we are living in a time of digital overload. We are constantly barraged with new material everywhere we step in the social media world, and as we gather more and more followers and friends, the more “content” there is through which to wade. How much is really read, how much is it possible to notice?

As the internet has changed the playing field of social media marketing over and over since it’s inception, it’s still a rather new entity. As marketers we’ve already seen the trend in paying for our audience, the homegrown creators of the recent past being replaced by those with more money to spend on buying “sponsored” or “boosted” content on every major social media platform.



Content will forever be part of the marketing mix. How it’s received and acted upon is what we are dealing with as we go forward into an era of overloaded audiences. We must remember the human element in everything we create and put forward. If we aren’t connecting virtually to the human element, then we’ve lost the decision makers.

What are you doing to reach out and touch someone with your content? As those seasoned in advertising and marketing know, we must reach an emotional chord in those we intend to bring into our fold. If we fail to be human in a digital world, we lose trust, loyalty, and the ability to create long-term relationships with our clients.

So, by creating original content marketing pieces with humans in mind, (not just the number of hits generated) we continue to be able to compete in a culture which is quickly coming to a time when readers no longer have the capability to consume everything on the table.


The return on investment of content marketing is another area which is in the throes of change. Those with deeper pockets and the ability to pay more for content reach may be the ones who come out on top, or will they?

Just a few short years ago there were numerous sites where content, press releases, or articles could be placed for free, continually reaching out to a new audience. The trend lately has been to charge creators for that privilege, all adding to the economic structure of content marketing of the future.

As Facebook and other social media platforms are diminishing organic reach of posted content, there will be no other choice than to budget for it. However, if your marketing mix includes traditional marketing and advertising strategies, along with social media marketing, chances for success are better than putting all your eggs into the latest trend.


If you fail to assess your creative content regularly, you’ll be left behind. What’s the best way to keep abreast and still stay ahead of the game, constant checking the numbers, or better yet, feedback.

If you are correctly appealing to, and writing for, the human audience it’s much easier to gauge your success in terms of their interaction. Engaging your audience, and setting up for conversation, is the best way to assess your social media marketing results. After all, if you can’t convert a posting into a conversation you’ll have trouble converting a potential client.

Another avenue to assess is if you are in the right place at the right time. By analyzing where your audience is coming from you will know where to spend your efforts, and your dollars. Facebook or Twitter, although most popular, may not be the best placement for your content to reach your target following. Search for alternate channels, watch for specific platforms where your niche is most likely to be accepted as something new and different.


Determine early on what your individual payoff is all about. Are you into affiliate marketing, pay-per-click, conversion, or another form of “pay-day?” If you aren’t familiar with what your payoff may be, it will be difficult to determine your idea of success, and if your content marketing is portraying you or your company in the way that you wish. After all, cold cash is historically the measure of accomplishment.

Most of us who have developed, as social media marketing has become a valid industry, know that what works for one, doesn’t always work for another. This includes the payoff. If you’re seeing your bottom line drop off, it’s time to go back earlier steps and re-assess what you’re doing. Is your content “edu-taining,” interesting, and able to catch the eye of your prospects? Are you in the right place at the right time? Are you able to engage comments and conversation?


Mark Shaefer’s article, Content Shock, is an eye-opener for those of us in the business of social media marketing, especially if we count content marketing as one of the avenues to get the message to the masses. He says,

“…..this upward trend of consumption is not sustainable because every human has a physiological, inviolable limit to the amount of content they can consume. I believe as marketers, we have been lulled into a false sense of security thinking that this consumption trend will continue to rise without end. That is simply not possible. The Content Shock is coming and I believe we are beginning to enter the danger zone now. Every single content producer, every marketer, and every business is standing at this same cliff to some degree, and the implications are vast.

What exactly is the future of content marketing and how will marketers survive at the vanishing point?  Seems to be quite a “crapshoot!”

However, I feel there will always be new, creative ideas coming to the forefront, but, in my opinion, we should never forget where we come from, what we’ve learned, and how to integrate those lessons with all new visionaries for the future of social media marketing.

If you’re reading this as another social media manager, marketer, or as a prospective client, what are your thoughts about content and the future of its value as a marketing tool? Are you prepared for “content shock” and what are you doing about it?

ImaginePublicity offers several plans to enhance your online presence. For more information about how to best increase your potential by using social media marketing and management, for a complete assessment.


Now I Lay Me Down: Interview with author Faith Phillips


Now I Lay Me Down skillfully tells the true story of two little girls (Skyla Whitaker and Taylor Placker) who were brutally gunned down on a country road in Weleetka, Oklahoma in 2008. The case took several years to solve, and the murder of another victim, Ashley Taylor.

41bId8iFEML._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Faith Phillips takes readers through the whole journey, including a look through the eyes of prosecutor Maxey Reilly who finally brought justice to the families. Excellently written with the pen of a superb story teller.

She is also the author of Ezekial’s Wheels and It’s Not That Hard To

To order autographed copies:

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ImaginePublicity on Air: Interview with author Alan R. Warren


Alan R Warren is one of the current hosts of the House of Mystery Radio Show that is heard on KKNW 1150 A.M. in Seattle and is syndicated in many markets throughout the U.S. including 106.5 F.M. KCAA Los Angeles, Riverside & Palm Springs and in Utah on KYAH 540 A.M. in Salt Lake City and KFNX 1100 A.M. Phoenix. He has written six best-selling True Crime Books and Articles for True Crime Case Files Magazine and Serial Killer Magazine. For information on books and where to listen to House of Mystery Radio Show refer to the website:

In THE LAST MAN STANDING, true crime author Alan Warren writes in exacting detail about the kidnapping, murder and subsequent investigations—both in 1957 and 2008—that eventually led to the murder conviction of Jack McCullough. But the story doesn’t stop there as it delves into the years McCullough spent in prison and the efforts to have his conviction overturned.

In “THE KILLING GAME,” best selling true crime author and radio show host, Alan R. Warren reveals the shocking details of Rodney Alcala’s brutal crimes, as well as the trials and appeals that stretched on for decades and may still not be over.

More at WildBlue Press

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NO STONE UNTURNED: New York Times bestselling author Steve Jackson



For investigators, the story is often the same: they know a murder took place, they may even know who did it. But without key evidence, pursuing a conviction is nearly impossible. That’s when they call NecroSearch International.

NOSTONEUNTURNED_KindleCover-180x288In NO STONE UNTURNED by New York Times bestselling author Steve Jackson readers are taken on a fascinating, often-shocking journey into a realm of crime investigation of which few people are aware. Necrosearch’s most challenging cases are described, step-by-step, as these modern-day Sherlock Holmes’s detect bodies and evidence thought irretrievable, and testify in court to bring cold-blooded killers to justice.

Following his participation in a NecroSearch expedition to Russia looking for the remains of a Russian noble, Jackson was voted in as a member of NecroSearch International in February 2015. Jackson, who is writing a book FINDING ANASTASIA with the leader of the expedition, Peter Sarandinaki, and other search team members returned to Russia in June 2015 to continue the search for the Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov. Read about the expedition in Steve’s posts FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE.

More information at WildBlue Press

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