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Author Interview: Mike Rothmiller author of TRUE CRIME CHRONICLES, VOL. 1&2

Let’s board a train and travel across the United States! NO, not Amtrak, we are taking a trip back to the 1800’s so we need to be prepared for a dusty and bumpy ride. Imagine yourself as the crime reporter of the day publishing the latest information about the most gruesome crimes of the time.

TRUE CRIME CHRONICLES, Vols 1&2 published by WildBlue press is a collection of news articles representing the most colorful crime stories of the day. Author Mike Rothmiller curated these works of journalism with astonishing stories that will take the reader back to when these horrific tales mesmerized a nation.

In this interview you will learn how many career hats were worn by author Mike Rothmiller and how each of them brought a different perspective to his writing. 

What do Wyatt Earp, Belle Gunness, Big Foot the Renegade, Billy the Kid, and Dr. H.H. Holmes, and The Black Hand have in common?

They were all subjects of true crime newspaper reporting in the 1800s, and now these stories and that of many others are brought together in their original form in a two-volume set: TRUE CRIME CHRONICLES: Serial Killers, Outlaws, and Justice … Real Crime Stories From The 1800s.

Compiled and commented on by New York Times bestselling author Mike Rothmiller, these classic works of journalism resurrect astonishing stories that will take the reader back to when these horrific tales mesmerized a nation. Some may find these articles and their descriptions of people and crimes shocking by today’s standards, but they are representative of the most colorful true crime stories of the day.

Purchase TRUE CRIME CHRONICLES VOLS. 1 & 2 from Amazon, or any online book retailer. Ask for it at your local book store or order directly from WildBlue Press.


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Author Interview: Steve Kosareff author of SATIN PUMPS

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Come along with me in a red 1957 Chrysler 300C, fins and all, for a look into one of the most high profile murder cases of its time set against the midcentury glamour of Hollywood, Las Vegas and Palm Springs.

Satin Pumps: The Moonlit Murder That Mesmerized The Nation” is a true crime memoir written by screenwriter and author Steve Kosareff who is my guest! 

Early in the evening on July 18, 1959, Dr. Bernard Finch and his girlfriend, Carole Ann Tregoff, drove from their Las Vegas love-nest to the Finch home in the Los Angeles suburb of West Covina to speak to his wife Barbara about obtaining a speedy divorce in Nevada. But the plan went awry and the conversation turned deadly with Barbara’s lifeless body ending up in her in-laws’ backyard next door.

After a high-speed chase with police, Finch was arrested the next morning in Las Vegas and charged with Barbara’s murder. Then, during his court hearing in West Covina, Carole was arrested on the witness stand and charged as his accomplice.

Soon others were named as part of a larger conspiracy. But who were they and what parts did they play in these deadly events?

Author website:

Purchase SATIN PUMPS from Amazon and all online retailers, ask for it in your local book store, or directly from WildBlue Press


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Author Interview: Benjamin Risha Author of THE SON OF SEVEN MOTHERS

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Benjamin Risha is a survivor of the Tony Alamo Christian Foundation; he was born into it as the son of a Jewish mother, a Lebanese father who were members, and Benjamin’s destiny to bring peace on earth through his heritage. What was orchestrated by Tony and Susan Alamo turned into a nightmare for their followers.

As the adopted son of two cult leaders, Benjamin Risha was raised to someday assume a place of leadership in the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation with the Bible, and his parents’ interpretation of it, as his guide. He believed the prophecies of his adoptive mother and father, which included them being the two prophets foretold in the Book of Revelations as preceding the second coming of Jesus Christ, them raising from the dead when they died, and such dire warnings as the ground opening up to swallow non-believers into hell. He was sure that Susan Alamo could raise the dead as promised.

However, when none of it happened, and the foundation slid from bucolic communal lifestyle to insufferable criminality that included absolute obedience to the Alamos, and polygamous marriages with girls as young as eight years old, Benjamin knew he had to escape. If he was caught trying to escape he would be beaten nearly to death, forced to go without food and water for his sins, and he would be shamed in the community. He embarked on a journey to locate his birth parents, discover the truth about a world he knew nothing about … and find himself.

In THE SON OF SEVEN MOTHERS, Benjamin Risha takes readers on a harrowing journey that few in the United States can imagine. And eventually he must choose between the life he knows, and was “chosen” to lead, and his freedom.

Author website: BenjaminRisha.Com

Purchase THE SON OF SEVEN MOTHERS from Amazon, or any online book retailer. Ask for it at your local book store or order directly from WildBlue Press.

For more information or study about cults: International Cultic Studies Association info:


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3 Easy Steps to Support your Favorite Author

3 Easy steps to support your favorite author

While hosting a podcast with authors from WildBlue Press, it’s clear that there are easy ways to support authors and their books. Interviewing seasoned best-selling authors indicates that no matter what level of success they have achieved, they are always under the reader’s influence.

So how much clout do you think you have as a reader of books? If you’re a reader, you are the reason that writers write!

Don’t just read a book, put it away, or give it to your friends. Savor the moments it took to bring the story to you in the first place and help support the author that gave you hours of pleasure.

Step #1 Buy!

No matter what format your favorite is, there are several ways to buy the book. If you prefer a hard copy, buy from an online bookseller like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or, better yet, directly from indie publishers like WildBlue Press. Most authors will offer signed copies directly from their websites to add to your collection.

Local bookstores may carry books by your favorite author, but what if they don’t?

You can request to order copies provided they are within the distribution guidelines for that store. It’s a great way to support future books from the author and get copies onto the shelves.

Ebooks and audiobooks are found in several formats, easily downloaded to your preferred device, and are usually less expensive.

Step #2 Share!

All authors, whether established best-sellers or first-timers, appreciate your personal word of mouth advertising. It takes mere seconds to share a link to the book with your fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook.

If you belong to a book club or group page where discussions are held, recommend your favorite author’s book to the other members who may not have heard of it yet. Turn them on to something new!

Publisher’s Weekly recent article on publishing and book marketing states, “….16% of adult book buyers said that they heard about a new fiction title via word-of-mouth last year, the most frequently cited means of book discovery.” According to the article, this is quite impressive compared to the impact of television, which has been losing its clout in recent years.

Tell somebody when you’ve read a good book and help support that author’s future as a writer!

Step #3 Review!

In this new publishing and self-publishing world, a review holds more value to an author than ever. Unfortunately, not all reviews are that easy to get. It’s great to be reviewed by the New York Times or any big city publication, but it’s just a dream for the average author.

Readers can assist authors by taking a brief minute to write a review online, easily showing support for the author and their book. A review not only allows new readers to know how you felt about the book, characters, or storylines but also can influence their buying decision. Your opinion does count!

So there you have it, one, two, three clicks away from promoting your favorite author!

Author marketing

Authors, Can You Market Your Book?

Author marketing

Are you kidding me? I just finished writing, editing, and putting this baby to bed!

The publishing world has evolved from a whirlwind, cross country, all expenses paid book tours to a “no” marketing plan. Authors are on their own. Not only do authors research and write books, edit for publishing, now they must establish their digital presence, gather followers on social media sites, and get their book in the door of bookstores.

On top of trying to carve out time to write, this could put any author over the edge!

Let’s examine some of the things authors should be thinking about when activating a book marketing plan.

1. Take a step back

Authors weren’t meant to be marketers but are thrust into that position after the hard work and pleasure of writing your book has come to “the end.” There’s no time to breathe until you get ready for a new ride… the book!

TIP…  When you complete your book take a step back, but don’t let the momentum stop. It’s the most critical time to change your hat from “author” to “marketer.” Make it count.

2. Change Gears

Now that your book is written, cover designed, packaged neatly, and out the door to the publisher, you ask, “Who will buy this book and why?”

It all looks different from the other side, the reader’s side. What does your book have to offer to those who are expected to buy it? The question becomes part of every waking marketing hour. Readers have so much to wade through, not only in traditional bookstores but online booksellers in every format.

TIP… Your book must stand out and rise to meet the reader. Craft your book branding message around the story, or content, to let potential readers wanting more.

3. Make a Plan

Don’t run to join every social media site and take on followers just for the sake of the numbers; that strategy doesn’t work for the long-term.

You must have a strategic marketing plan. Think quality vs. quantity. Yes, sales are often working the numbers, but be careful where the numbers (potential customers) are coming from.

TIP… Your marketing strategy, or plan, must have a target. There’s no value in throwing your book to the wind to see where it lands. Determine who the target reader is and hone in on them. Target, target, target!

4. Decisions, Decisions

How much book marketing can you do alone? The process of bringing the author and reader together may be a maze to some people; others take to it like a duck to water.

How much will individual publishers do to properly distribute your book? How will their social media presence assist your book’s marketing strategy? These are pivotal questions that will affect your book’s success, and time is of the essence.

TIP… Authors need to focus efforts from all sides towards the target reader both online and offline.

5. Time vs. Money

How much time does it take to market a book instead of hiring someone to do it for you? You may be looking for a little temporary help in specific areas, or you may have no time at all to devote to marketing. One size does not fit all.

TIP… Make a list of what marketing tasks you can do alone vs. what you feel you need help with. As time ticks forward, book sales are sitting on the shelf, so don’t wait until frustration sets in to reach out for help.

Again, make that wish list and reach out!

Of course, ImaginePublicity would love to assist! Call or email for a FREE consultation; let us assess your needs and send you a proposal explicitly designed for the needs of you, the author, and your book!

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