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New Book Release by Dennis N. Griffin: SURVIVORS


Survivors combines investigative journalism and real cases by investigators and families to highlight the growing number of unsolved cases, issues with police transparency, and cases where corruption interrupts due diligence.

AlyBlue Media announces the release of a startling new book by retired investigator and award-winning author Dennis N. Griffin.


According to, the national clearance rate for homicide today is 64.1%. Fifty years ago, it was more than 90%. Survivors brings systemic issues to the forefront along with strategies of how constituencies can work together to reduce this statistic and give families hope for resolution.

“Survivors serves to expose the shortcomings in our justice system,” states Larry Young. His daughter Molly died in 2012 from a gunshot wound in the apartment of her boyfriend, who was a police dispatcher at the time. Molly’s case has riveted a nation frustrated with police transparency and difficulty obtaining documents related to investigations.

“Survivors depicts the dire need for improved and innovative investigative strategies,” states Dr. Sarah Stein, an expert on the Missing White Woman Syndrome and co-founder for The Center for the Resolution of Unresolved Crime.

Retired after a 20-year career in New York law enforcement, Griffin now wages a battle behind the blue line to bring about policy reform. He founded The Transparency Project to help families of suspicious death victims gain access to police records related to their loved one’s case, and help them navigate a flawed justice system.

Author of 8 mystery-thrillers and 9 true crime books including Surviving the Mob, Griffin hosts two popular podcasts, Crime Wire and The Transparency Project Radio Show. He also serves as a consultant, matching true crime movie and documentary producers, writers, and event coordinators with potential technical consultants and speakers.

Survivors is currently available on Amazon, with paperback and digital editions available soon in all bookstores. Learn more at

Order SURVIVORS (*all profits from SURVIVORS is donated to victim advocacy organizations)

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HAPPENSTANCE ImaginePublicity on Air Interview with Author Phil Sheehan

Author interview Phil Sheehan

First time author, Phil Sheehan, comes out of the gate with a sci-fi blockbuster, HAPPENSTANCE, first in an upcoming series featuring the character Blake Thompson and his SEAL team.

Whether you are a die hard sci-fi and techno-thriller fan, or have yet to dip your toes into the genre, you may want to give HAPPENSTANCE a read. According to author, Phil Sheehan, it contains a lot of suspense, action, and some historical twists that all come together in an explosive finish.

Unaware that it’s about to be thrust into the middle of a centuries-old cosmic conflict, Earth discovers an unknown object spotted near Pluto, followed by another on Mars. A team of experts on the maiden flight of a first-of-its-kind spaceship are sent to investigate.

Sabotage threatens the mission and the security of the United States as the president and his advisors search for solutions. With enemies on fronts both terrestrial and otherwise, the stakes soon become apparent to a nation embroiled in a conflict unlike anything it has faced before.

Far from Earth, Major Blake Thompson and his specialized SEAL team investigate the strange objects. As the nature of the threat is uncovered and the stakes continue to mount, they risk everything to prevent the world from a catastrophic level of destruction that would change the course of humanity forever. Yet even if they succeed, at what cost?

Published by WildBlue Press

Author website CLICK HERE

Purchase from Amazon: Paperback or Kindle


ImaginePublicity + Artisan Book Reviews

ImaginePublicity and Artisan Books

ImaginePublicity is proud to announce a collaborative partnership with Artisan Book Reviews who performs highly effective “targeted” marketing campaigns to substantially increase book sales.

Our teams will work together to assist authors in gaining market share using well tested strategies to enhance author awareness and increase exposure to direct audiences. Delilah Jones of ImaginePublicity says, “By combining the reach of our platforms we feel we are able to present authors an expanded opportunity to be seen, and readers a better chance to experience their books.”

Along with the resources and training ImaginePublicity offers, Artisan Book Reviews brings their expertise to the table giving authors a well-rounded plan to increase book sales. Some of the services found at Artisan Book Reviews:

  • Professional & Captivating Book Reviews
  • Social Media Book Promotion & Loud Shout-outs
  • Promotion of Books on Prominent Book Related Websites
  • Email Book Marketing & Blasts
  • Extensive Book Marketing Plans
  • Big Blog Tours
  • Permanent “Featured Author” Bio Page
  • Author Interviews
  • Amazon Reviews

Artisan Book Reviews Editor Ella James says, “Artisan Book Reviews website, and social media profiles, all have numerous readers, subscribers and visitors daily. We have a huge reach and are a highly popular, prominent and favorite book and readers website.

To submit your book for review and/or promotion, and to receive more information and pricing, contact Artisan Book Reviews via our contact form on our website.

For social media assessment, training and assistance, or other services and resources provided by ImaginePublicity, contact us via the contact form on site: or email or call to speak directly 843-808-0859.

How to Sprout Your Global Business!

sprouting your business

“The secret is there is no secret; don’t do business that you can’t do well.” ImaginePublicity

No, Virginia, this isn’t your mama trying to crash the glass ceiling any longer. The times have changed, business climate is restyled, and the growth of business has morphed into whatever you want it to be; whether a multi faceted corporate entity is in your future, or a one man band operation, you have the ability to adopt what suits your interests best.

How does a business sprout and grow?

Here’s where a heavy dose of fear is likely to either build an empire, or have you retreating to the unemployment office or your current employer’s cubicle.

Do what you do best and be the best at what you do

Let’s start with some golden advice. The secret is there is no secret; don’t do business that you can’t do well. In other words, don’t take on clients, cases, or opportunities that you don’t have every reason to expect will add value to the growth of your reputation as the best.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you should take on anything that comes your way, but looking at the long term, not every client or opportunity is worthy of membership in your club! Develop your talent to discern who is worth spending your time and energy, rather than just creating a quick stream of income. Create an assessment for the benefit of a potential client, and for yourself. Use the information provided, do your preparation, and be sure you can handle the job, not just on a professional level, but profitably as well.

In the end it’s your reputation and credibility on the line, so protect it at all costs. Decide on an individual basis that you or your company are the one who is compatible with that potential client, only because you already know you can do a good job for them, not just maybe.

Keep up with the internet

In just a few quick years the internet has come to be recognized as the first stop for any shopping trip, and it’s amazing how many businesses still have no consistent web presence.

We’re not talking about a website and a Facebook page with less than 100 “likes,” but a marketing strategy that combines traditional practices with a positive social media experience. If your business isn’t in the social media game you can rest assured it will be sitting at the gate for a while.

It’s crucial that you have a professional website. Look around at other businesses in your industry, then look again at business outside of your industry for inspiration to create something that doesn’t look and feel just like every other website in x, y, z industry. If you don’t have the skills to create your own website, invest in a website building professional and get what you deserve.

Number one on the list for sprouting a new business, and new website, is a blog. This is the key element in your website which will expose you to those beyond your personal friendship circles, as well as the mighty search engines.

Think of your blog as you would the showroom of a brick and mortar store. This is the first place where your clients will meet you and learn about your product or service. As you bring them deeper into your blog, just as you would your local showroom or office, you are expressing your opportunity to go into detail about what you have to offer, and within each post you’re using your sales skills and call to action.

Go beyond your backyard

There’s no reason to think you only have to be in your own city or town to perform certain service oriented businesses. The best perk of a business which heavily uses the internet, is you can be anywhere and still work.

So even if you’re considered a small business it doesn’t mean you have to be small in one location. With e-commerce and social media marketing strategies, you’re free to find clients and income from around the globe.

Don’t set yourself up to look like “small town business” but develop your plans around expansion to other areas, how to accomplish that should be included in your business plan. (*if you aren’t working from a plan, go back to step 1)

Network, network, network!

The Washington Post says,

“Networking is not a mere exchange of business cards at a cocktail party nor is it bragging about yourself or begging for help from people you barely know. According to most experts, networking is building relationships on the basis of trust that involves a give and take.”

Gaining trust and reputation in your industry will be the crucial thing to learn in order to flourish, sometimes one client at a time. Figure out where to find and meet prospective clients, and nourish the relationships.

Local events are great for meeting new people, exchanging ideas, and becoming customers, but don’t stop there. Social media steps in to expand the local meetings, and exposes you to another world of potential business.

Connect with others who are “in the know,” meaning those who may be in the capacity to introduce you to others outside of your own circle. These second and third tier connections will broaden the scope of your networking exponentially.

Always remember to reciprocate in networking, and never burn bridges.

Go outside your industry for inspiration

Don’t be just like every other business in your industry in terms of look, style, branding, and practices. Figure out a way to stand out from your competition, and one easy approach is to turn around and look at something new. Stick your head into a totally different environment, you may be surprised at what excites you.

Look outside your own industry for ideas. What you may find are practices that are easily adaptable to what you’re already doing, just take the time to be creative in your thinking and planning.

Search for a branding tool that makes your business easily recognizable, instead of the same corporate looking logo, go for something either more elegant, or the other end of the spectrum, something edgy and modern, just make it your own and own it. Often your logo is the first impression folks get about you, so make your statement right up front. As an example,  if you’re a plumber, see what lawyers are doing to attract new business, after all you may want to appeal to the same people, right? What can you adapt from a totally different industry into your own emerging business?

BONUS: Know who you are

You can have the best education, product, marketing plan, and strategy a business degree can buy, but if you don’t know who you are, everything falls like dominos.

Learn what it is that you do best and just do it. It’s too tempting to want to have fingers in several pots, after all we are in the age of multitasking, but ask yourself what is it that you are doing well. If there are a hundred business practices, which one, and only ONE, are you really, really good at doing?

It doesn’t mean you choose and stop, but know the path you’ve decided to travel at this moment in time, and be acceptable to change.

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How to Sprout Your Business!

How to Support an Author in Three Clicks


While hosting a podcast with authors from WildBlue Press it’s clear that there are easy ways to support authors and their books. Interviewing seasoned best-selling authors indicates that no matter what level of success they have achieved, they are always under the influence of the reader.

So how much clout do you think you have as a reader of books? If you’re a reader, you are the reason that writers write!

Don’t just read a book, put it away, or give it to your friends, savor the moments it took to bring the story to you in the first place and help support the author that gave you hours of pleasure.

Click #1 Buy!

No matter what format is your favorite, there are several ways to buy the book. If you prefer a hard copy, buy from an online bookseller like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or, better yet, directly from indie publishers like WildBlue Press. Most authors will offer signed copies directly from their websites to add to your collection.

Local bookstores may carry books by your favorite author, but what if they don’t?

You can request to order in copies provided they are within the distribution guidelines for that store. It’s a great way to support future books from the author and help them get copies on to the shelves.

Ebooks and audio books are found in several formats, easily downloaded to your preferred device and are usually less expensive.

Click #2 Share!

All authors, whether established best-sellers or first timers, appreciate your personal word of mouth advertising. It doesn’t take but mere seconds to share a link to the book with your fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook.

If you belong to a book club or group page where discussions are held, recommend your favorite author’s book to the other members who may not have heard of it yet. Turn them on to something new!

Publisher’s Weekly recent article on publishing and book marketing states, “….16% of adult book buyers said that they heard about a new fiction title via word-of-mouth last year, the most frequently cited means of book discovery.” This is quite impressive when compared to the impact of television which has been losing it’s clout in recent years according to the article.

Tell somebody when you’ve read a good book and help support that author’s future as a writer!

Click #3 Review!

In this new world of publishing, and self-publishing, a review holds more value to an author than ever. Unfortunately, not all reviews are that easy to get. It’s great to be reviewed by the New York Times or any big city publication, but for the average author, it’s just a dream.

Readers can assist authors by taking a brief minute to write a review online easily showing support for the author and their book. A review not only allows new readers to know how you felt about the book, characters or story lines, but also can influence their buying decision. Your opinion does count!

So there you have it, one, two, three clicks away from promoting your favorite author!

Be sure to check out the author clients of ImaginePublicity and plunge into their books!

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How to Support an Author in Three Clicks