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Jillian Maas Backman: WomanScape Welcomes Intuitive Intelligence


Jillian Maas Backman is honored to be featured on the WomanScape website which “ an artful storytelling platform that entertains and inspires provocative insight about women who light up the world and nourish our soul.”

Attributing Jillian’s contribution to creating a holistic approach to wellness, WomanScape’s story, Jillian Maas Backman On Intuition & Healing, artfully written by Yara Zgheib, reflects on her philosophy of tapping in to personal intuitive intelligence which resides at the core of all beings.

As an explorer of life’s possibilities, Jillian is centered in the experience of discovering and becoming your potential through careful assessment and therapeutic, intuitive counseling. Instructing clients about the nourishment of the inner self, she assists in unblocking internal insights which translate to broader outer achievements.

DSC_3777 (1024x683)_pp

While reading the stories on the WomanScape website you will find entries which bridge international gaps in common cultural issues and the women who inspire change and women who inspire change and actionable solutions. WomanScape is a living library of visionary women making history in the past and the present.

WomanScape Founder, Rose McInerny, along with resident writers and contributors, bring readers accounts of the accomplishments of women from the past and present,  and paving the way for the future of women everywhere.

Our diverse network of contributing writers are focused on raising consciousness and collective positivity in our frenetic world. 

The combination of diversity and positivity is exactly the crosspoint where change has the potential to happen. The collision of the internal and external forces are being tamed and redirected by women globally who are learning from each other and writing about it on WomanScape, melding their differences into positive transformation.

Meet Jillian Maas Backman on WomanScape during the month of October as she and her book, BEYOND THE PEWS: Breaking Away from Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown, are highlighted within the theme of “In the Spirit of Wise Women.”

While on the website, devour all the articles, each one is a gem!

WomanScape website:

Jillian Maas Backman website:


Since 2008, ImaginePublicity specializes in developing promotions for individuals, organizations, books, businesses and websites with emphasis on social media marketing and taking full advantage of the internet. How can we help YOU?

The New Skinny on Podcasting



The renaissance is real. Podcasting is on the rise.

Several years ago, the word podcast was tossed into the online market, but not too many people understood exactly what it meant. What did we call audio news and entertainment in the beginning? Internet radio, or streaming radio, was used because the word radio was known and accepted by everyone, as was the concept. There were few platforms on which to record, and most shows were live with chatrooms and loyal followers.

Listeners fell off, hosts lost interest, and online radio fell out of favor to more time spent on social media and the rise of video content. It seemed the public was able to get what they wanted faster through social media than waiting for details from a radio show.

Today, not only has the verbiage transformed, but the whole concept of podcasting pivoted and revamped streaming audio content. Podcasting is back with a vengeance and as technology improves, more platforms have been created, and it’s easier to produce and host a quality podcast.

With the success of podcasts like Serial and This American Life, newly formed networks started nabbing quality programming for their stable of programming.

Along with networks, podcast directories offering different ways to listen have become part of the landscape. A podcast can be distributed by several platforms, with iTunes/Apple Podcasts being the big gun in the game and we can’t overlook others like Stitcher, Castbox, Player.FM and Spreaker which are valuable ways to gain more potential listeners.

….podcasting, as a medium, has huge growth potential. According to a March 2017 report by Edison Research and Triton Digital, the percent of population that listens to podcasts nearly doubled (8% to 15%) from 2014 to 2017. And there’s plenty of room for more growth because, according to NPR, about half the potential audience doesn’t even know that podcasts exist. –Inc.Com

The transformation of consuming media

Podcasting pitched its net wide when it comes to content variety. With citizen journalists, celebrities, and mainstream media outlets, one can listen to news and opinions; audio blogging allows the written word to be heard, and fictional storytelling has created an intimate, old fashioned way to be entertained.

The renewed appeal of podcasting compliments other forms of media like books, video, and music. The population who enjoys on demand streaming networks like Netflix are integral to the popularity of podcasts and the ability to listen on the go using your phone or other devices.

While most podcasters receive little to no money for their efforts, there is an upsurge in sponsorships and advertisers willing to take a chance on a successful podcast allowing hosts the possibility of making a living. Sites like Patreon and others entitle artists to recruit subscribers for a price and exclusive offerings.

Podcasting has only hit the tip of the revenue iceberg, with mainstream advertisers yet to jump on board in a big way. The market will be competitive and quality of content will reign supreme.

“Podcast sponsorship revenue is growing just like the audience is growing,” said Neal Carruth, general manager of podcasts for National Public Radio, a key player in podcasting. –Phys.Org

Whether you are a listener, or hosting a podcast, the future holds promise as topics and subject matter continue to offer a broad range to choose from.

Looking for some interesting interviews and discussions? I invite you to catch some of the episodes of ImaginePublicity on Air, broadcasting on the InsideLenz Network. You can access right here on the website Podcast page.

Just like authors live for good reviews, podcasters rely on ratings and reviews as well. Be sure to take a minute and let your favorites know you like them!


Since 2008, ImaginePublicity specializes in developing promotions for individuals, organizations, books, businesses and websites with emphasis on social media marketing and taking full advantage of the internet. How can we help YOU?

Quantity v. Quality in Social Media Marketing, Do Your Followers Care?

Quantity vs Quality

Social Media Today comment:

The quality of a social media campaign can be directly linked to how much business the campaign is generating. The bottom line and brand awareness should always be the main functions of a campaign, not the hunting and gathering of followers.

But, you may think that playing the numbers is a part of broadcasting your message, and it is to some extent. However, when was the last time your tons of followers put a dent in your bottom line? Have you sold more product or services because of it? Some may say yes, but the majority will admit, it didn’t help propel business.

Who really cares?

Far too many marketers put empasis on the number of social media followers they have and some even go so far as to buy followers.  I don’t recommend that strategy.  Money wasted.

If your business is based on credibility, influence or real relationships you’ll find these paid followers falling off quickly. They don’t care.

If you’re thinking having a million followers makes you look famous, and if that’s your goal, then look at who is actually interacting with you on social media platforms. How many are sharing or mentioning your content?

You know your content’s good, you’ve spent time, effort and money to create it, so if all these followers aren’t on top of it, what’s the point?

Winners and Losers

One would think the more people your marketing or services reaches, the better the chance you have to sell your product. In other words, quantity breeds quality. Not true unless you have time to sift through the noise and junk to find something of value. No one does that.

So who’s winning at this social media marketing game? It depends on several factors. What’s your bottom line goal? It differs with each individual and company, but campaigns should reflect the ultimate aspiration, to bring in more revenue. If not, why be in business?

The purpose of engaging with followers on any social media platform is to build lasting, long-term relationships. Look for those who care about your new service, product or business launch. They will be investing their time and money in what you have to offer.

LOGOLGImaginePublicity offers several plans to enhance your online presence. For more information about how to best increase your potential by using social media marketing and management, contact us!  Email: for a FREE assessment.

How to Achieve the 5 C’s of Social Media Marketing

What’s the most important thing you can do to help the success of your branding campaign, your book or your company?

Positive, professional relationships and good communication will put it on the right track!

Creating a positive relationship with the public, through social media or traditional strategies will have the largest impact on building a successful image, and there are a few steps to follow to get the best reach.


It’s not enough to announce important milestones and do nothing else, there has to be more to be sustainable, and it must be practiced within your overall marketing strategy.

How is public relations defined?  The words “public relations” say it all simply. It’s how you relate to the public, building up trust and credibility.

In the world of social media, it’s now all about positively networking, whether a private label, personality, product or company, all campaigns must go through the “discovery” process.

1. Content

Blogging and a functional website are the premier tools of the trade in social media networking and fresh content is what the search engines feed upon.  Yes, it takes time and a commitment to write on a regular basis, but for maximum results  it must be done.

Think you’re not a writer? If thoughts and ideas can be put down on paper, they have the potential to become blog content.

If writing ability is a concern, then a copywriter should be considered.  A simple, 300-500 word blog post 3 or more times a week gives the search engines, readers, followers and friends something to feast upon and exposes you to new and larger audiences!

2. Creativity

It’s no longer adequate to just put up a blog post and wait for readers to come, just as launching a book with a marketing plan, individuals and companies must stay creative in how the message reaches existing customers and potential future customers.  A blog post is a valuable marketing tool, and, just like an advertisement or a billboard, getting it in the right location for maximum exposure is key.

Put on your thinking cap and find your target audience! You don’t need to  participate in every social media site, but you must find the ones where your audience is engaged.

Network sites are full of information, as well as those who are seeking it, and it’s relatively easy to become involved in order to enhance your presence and spread the word.

Not the social type, or just don’t have the time or skills to use the internet to promote yourself? Consider contracting or outsourcing to a service oriented marketing company and hire a social media manager.

3. Consistency

How much is enough?  That’s a question that should be answered by realizing how important social relationship building is to the overall marketing strategy.

A business is open for certain hours, a customer or client knows when that is, and it should be made quite clear in all company information.  Social networking is now a large part of being “open for business” and someone must be manning the ship.

Whether it be blogging or networking in social media sites, showing up for work online on a consistent basis is like being at the office or opening the store on time! The upside is you don’t have to punch a time clock, but you must allocate time to share and be shared.

4. Conversation

With as much business that’s conducted over lunches, by phone, email and cocktail parties, we are adept at holding industry related conversations with others. It’s the same principal in social media networking sites.

How do business “strangers” meet in person?  By an introduction, a chance meeting, or talking about mutual interests. In social media it’s the same concept, start a conversation about someone’s post which shows interest, cultivate the conversation and see where it leads.  It could be that potential business lead you’ve been chasing, you just never know!

Not sure how to go about getting that important introduction? Consider aligning yourself with a leader that has an ability to connect people to people or better yet, people to business.

5. Communication

Once the conversation is started, communication skills come in to play. Find a way to personally correspond with a connection who shows potential interest.

Privately message or email, if possible.  Do some background homework, know something about them before forging ahead to make personal contact. Get to know the person or business through using the art of communication and build the relationship to the point where a positive message is received.

Trust and credibility are being built at this point and, if properly used, communications will seal the deal.

Perhaps you need a third party to professionally communicate or negotiate inquiries; consider hiring someone with experience to help guide those communications for the best results.

If you find yourself in a quandry about where to begin or how to move forward in the world of social media, the team at ImaginePublicity is here to help.  Call or email for a FREE assessment and a proposal customized to your specific needs and goals.

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Social Media: We Don’t Want to be Customers!

where did you get that toothpaste?

Think about it. Sometimes social media activity can be compared to watching an entertaining, interactive movie or tv show, and then, BINGO, there’s another commercial. Do you go to the kitchen for a snack and wait for it to be over, or do you turn the channel and move along?

How many times do you take action based on the commercial?

This is what happens when marketers use social media as a broadcast medium for their latest sales pitch. It may have worked well in the past for some, but now it’s like blowing hot air into the wind. Over saturation = hot air!

Instead of walking away in frustration and condemning all social media for marketing purposes, let’s take a look at what’s changed in the overall philosophy of social media marketing and how the “pitch it” mentality can be overhauled.

The customer is always right

If a marketer is pounding away with ads, posts, and targeting and not getting results it’s too easy to point the finger at the consumer and walk away defeated.

It’s not the customer’s fault, it’s the marketer. You know the quote, “If you do what you always do, you get what you always get.”  Then why would promoters think broadcasting, in the same way, time after time, will finally work instead of taking a cue from the customers. After all, the customer truly is in control.

SOCIAL marketing is done at the backyard fence

Why is it so hard to understand the meaning of social? Can we socially sell? Of course, we can.

Everyone remembers cocktail lunches, ala Mad Men, where deals were brokered and signed over a brandy and cigar. If truth is known, better deals were sealed in social settings than pitching in the boardroom.

It’s nothing new, but for some reason, marketers struggle with the constant pitch. And, when beating customers over the head with it, they conclude that XYZ social media platform isn’t working for them, but, they continue to push harder, or leave the platform altogether.

Social marketing has always been around, and always will be part of the scene, whether online, over the backyard fence or the neighborhood coffee klatch. How do you think we learned about the best detergents, kids’ school, or restaurants?

It may be a different product lineup, but if you can’t socially communicate with your online neighbor about it, how will the word get around?

I’m not here to shop!

People aren’t participating in social media to shop. Customers will go to shopping sites to make purchases, however, they may be highly influenced by marketing tactics used on social media sites.

Remember when you noticed that Saturday Special at the local health food store on Facebook? You went to their page or website to get more information and they drew you into their store. They shared a personal experience from the store and made us all a part of it!Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.09.07 AM

Marketers must be more creative in finding ways to connect with potential customers. By creating a friendly and engaging atmosphere on your business page, offering news about specials or discounts, and highlighting new products changes the “selling” atmosphere. Start the conversation, offer some polls or quizzes, and have fun with it.

Make customers an integral part of your business and use them to promote by sharing their own good experience over the backyard fence.