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Is it Too Late to Establish a Social Media Presence?

It's never too late for social media marketing

When it comes to marketing, individuals and small business owners are faced with a dilemma because there are so many social media channels trying to satisfy their marketing needs.

The increase in the number of available traditional and digital marketing channels presents a new question all together, which is, “What marketing strategy should we focus on if we want to produce results?”

In only two words, social media. It’s no longer a debatable topic. Social media is by far the world’s most valuable marketing channel simply because it produces tangible and actionable results. And, whether you are an individual or a business, it’s relatively easy to create your message on social media.

Even in 2017, some individuals and businesses are reluctant when it comes to establishing a social media presence because they think they are late to the party. Well, you aren’t late to the party at all, there is still a lot of room for you or your company to have a presence on social media.

Why? Recently, the CEO of Facebook (the world’s largest social network), Mark Zuckerberg announced that there are currently 2 billion people on Facebook. Did you read that right? Yes, 2 BILLION people on Facebook alone. Almost 30% of the world’s population is now actively using this social media network in some way with the majority on a mobile device.

Mark Zuckerberg announcement

What this means is that as a business, author, or individual, you can easily carve out space for yourself and build your own audience from Facebook’s user base of 2 billion people. Combined with Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels, there is no argument that a marketing strategy should not include social media, and especially targeted to mobile users.

Another reason you should begin to establish your own social media presence is that over time it will continue to evolve. With the introduction of live videos, podcasts, and audio messages, traditional marketing practices are no longer going to be enough. The sooner you begin to establish your own social media presence, the better and stronger it will be in the future.

It’s never too late to imagine and follow your dream. It can be realized with sound social media marketing practices combined with traditional marketing strategies.


Since 2008, ImaginePublicity specializes in developing promotions for individuals, organizations, books, businesses and websites with emphasis on social media marketing and taking full advantage of the internet. How can we help YOU?

Pitfalls for Passionate People

photo credit Dottie Laster

*Passion Flower photo credit Dottie Laster

Yes, there are issues in our world that require the passion of people to get the work done, create awareness, education, and rally others to the cause. However, when does passion become obsession? Passion becomes unbalanced when you can’t, or won’t, turn it off and enjoy the beauty of life having unbridled fun, making new friends and adventures.

The following are a few pitfalls that passionate people fall into which dilutes their cause, distances others, and sabotages their efforts for the issue:

Sharing your story too early.

The person who feels compelled to begin every new friendship or meeting with overt information about their cause or experience will most likely be met with some amount of disinterest. It’s better to create balance by allowing friendly conversation to guide you towards the best time to get more personal. Oversharing at a first meeting sends a message of shallowness and obsession without allowing a healthy spark to develop. Waiting for the right opportunity will get the new relationship off to a more positive start.

Passing on your judgements.

By being open-minded you will unlock new ideas and possibilities for your cause in the future. Making judgmental comments about people, issues, or things will shut down a new conversation before it gets off the ground. Dismissive behavior patterns towards others should be kept in check. Pay attention to your attitude.

You aren’t required to agree with everything others believe in, but give time and space to find out about the other person before deciding their worth to you. Furthermore, don’t pass judgement on yourself. Open up a balanced dialog and get to know each other on a deeper level.

Keep name dropping at bay.

You may know interesting and important people, but refrain from mentioning those relationships to make yourself or your issue look more interesting and important. Most people see through it and you appear insecure about your endeavors. It also lessens the value of what you have to offer. When your conversation or social engagement is balanced, instead of pretentious, others will view your cause in the light you intended. Keep the cause in the spotlight, not who you know.

Put away the phone.

Lead by example and turn off your phone, put it away, and refrain from checking it during time spent with new friends or colleagues. Nothing is more off-putting and rude than someone who feels the need to check every notification, take every phone call, and ignore who is sitting right in front of them. No message is more important to convey than your interest in the person you are with. A lucrative first meeting requires your full attention.

Ask open-ended questions.

Nothing says “I’m listening” more than asking questions. Show interest in the other person by not taking over the conversation and thinking of your next statement, but by truly listening to what they have to say. You may ask something as simple as a clarification, but it will show the person that you appreciate and respect them, and, in turn, you will receive the same appreciation and respect for yourself and your cause.

Don’t be so serious, be social.

Passionate people tend to wear their cause on their sleeve, all the time. There are times when it’s appropriate, and times when it’s not. When meeting someone new, try not to hit them between the eyes with all you know about your cause, but create an atmosphere of sociability first. Strive for a meaningful interaction instead of the importance of what you represent. Balance the conversation and let the individual know they are just as significant to you as a person as what they can do for you and your cause.

Surround yourself with independent people.

Passionate people tend to be hyper focused on their issue. There is a definite need for passion in leadership roles, but, there is a fine line that balances perspective and purpose. When that line is crossed, or out of balance, a vacuum is created and forward movement is hindered. By seeking outside, independent advice you are challenging your own status quo and not depending on people who only tell you what they think you want to hear. Evaluate your current situation and don’t be enabled by “yes men” just because they agree with you. Be open to constructive criticism from others and keep emotion out of the equation.

Find your footing with new people first, strike a balance, then move towards an equality of energy for your cause. Just because you have the ability to convince yourself and others of your vision, doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone.

Take a break from hyper.

If you aren’t living your life for the purity of enjoyment, it’s time to reassess your passion and decide if it’s healthy.  One of the most crucial pitfalls for passionate people is hyper; hyper-active, hyper-focused, hyper-passionate.  If your issue or work is taking up all of your time and all of your thoughts, if you aren’t interacting with friends and family, it may be time to take a break and find a way for it to not be so consuming.

While passion is vital, without proper positioning in your life it can distort your perception of reality. There is a beautiful world to discover; put everything down once in a while, step away, clear your head, and return with more balance and peace in your life.

I hope you find this helpful on many levels. We need passionate people, are you one? What do you do to avoid the pitfalls? I would love to see your comments below.

LOGOLGSince 2008 ImaginePublicity specializes in developing promotions for individuals, organizations, books, businesses and websites with emphasis on social media marketing and taking full advantage of the internet. How can we help YOU?

Opengate, Inc. Lights Up Blue for Autism Awareness Month


Officially April 2 is deemed World Autism Day and across the world it’s celebrated by lighting up blue on buildings, homes, and businesses to bring attention to autism.

April is also National Autism Awareness month set aside to educate communities and bring awareness to autism. Promoting and recognizing the complexities of autism, as well as fostering inclusion and acceptance, is a large part of the planned activities at organizations like Opengate who serve many individuals diagnosed with autism.

Liz Dama, who works with individuals in our Day Program, has declared “Blue Tuesdays” during the month of April where everyone wears blue in recognition of the national campaign, Light it Up Blue.

Opengate Inc. Autism Awareness

The accepted symbol for autism awareness is puzzle pieces of many colors representing the complexity of the condition. Each color reveals an enhancement of the nature of autism, as well as the possibilities for a life well lived through proper understanding and awareness.

“Interests and talents can turn into careers. Developing and nurturing these unique abilities can make life more fulfilling for a person with autism.” – Dr. Temple Grandin

Those with autism present vast levels of capability and each individual deserves to be met where they are, learning to best use their talents and skills. Opengate fosters an environment of consideration and care through programs and services designed to support the individual based on their ability.

By wearing blue, or planning community awareness activities, it’s hoped that the message will reach far and wide during the month of April, and beyond, that individuals with autism have much to contribute to our world when they are accepted, understood, and encouraged.



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Dottie Laster April Events

Dottie Laster Heidi Search Center

As Executive Director of Heidi Search Center and a licensed private investigator, Dottie Laster switches hats often; from searching for missing persons, investigating cases of possible human trafficking, and, most importantly, awareness and fundraising for the 25-year old non-profit agency in San Antonio.

Private and corporate donations are the lifeblood of Heidi Search Center covering the daily expenses and keeping the agency open to continue helping those going through the trauma of having a missing person. Under Dottie’s leadership, they have a 98% recovery rate.

In March, 2017, Dottie Laster was featured in Vanity Fair Confidential on the Investigation Discovery channel who covered the case of “El Gallo,” leader of one of the largest human trafficking rings in Houston. Dottie played a large part in bringing down this ring and helping over 120 girls escape. She has continued assisting them over the years and believes that El Gallo was operating undisturbed for 20 years before being apprehended.

Locked up Next Door can be viewed online at the Vanity Fair Confidential website.

April is shaping up to be another busy month with the following events and fundraisers planned:

Texas Institute of Investigations

Classes debuted at the Bexar County Commissioner’s courtroom with the first round of students in October, 2016. Since it’s inception, classes have moved to the Heidi Search Center offices at 4115 Naco Perrin Blvd. in San Antonio, TX.

Partnering with Gillespie Investigations’ Mark Gillespie, the program aims to educate private investigators using a lab experience with real cases.

Classes Offered Include:

  • So You Want to be a PI?
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Human Trafficking and Missing Persons
  • How to Work with Government Agencies
  • How to Write a Report
  • Digital DNA: Social Media Investigations
  • Interview Techniques
  • Expert Testimony
  • Surveillance Techniques
  • Forensic Techniques and Evidence Collection

Courses offered will provide continuing education (CE) credits to students who become licensed or registered in Texas. Click for details on classes and registration. Proceeds from the classes benefit Heidi Search Center and it’s mission.

Mystery 5K


The Texas Institute of Investigation has created a Mystery! Participants will need to solve it along a 3.1 mile route using clues, riddles, and checkpoints. Some runners may be actors, but you won’t know who!

It’s not necessary to be the fastest runner to win. The winner will use investigative skills and intuition to solve the Mystery! Included is a ton of fun, awards, and of course, cool shirts!


  • Heidi Search Center Raffle

Dottie Laster, human trafficking

Heidi Search Center Executive Director, Dottie Laster, brings years of experience in combatting global human trafficking to the intersection of missing persons. Her work continues to bring results and she is available nationally for presentations and training. For complete information visit her website, DottieLaster.Com

To schedule Dottie for your next event, please contact ImaginePublicity Phone: 843-808-0859  Email:

Chaos to Calm: FREE Event with Jillian Maas Backman & Paula Cross


Do you find it challenging to achieve peace, quiet, and joy in your life? Are you caught up in worry and discouragement about situations in our world played out in the headlines?

Treat yourself and join us for the dual expression of words and music with two creative and intuitively-inspired women who use their arts to find calm in the midst of chaos. Use this evening as an opportunity to get in touch with your own inner peace and create harmony going forward.

Jillian Maas Backman, author, and Paula Cross, singer, are uniting for an evening of fun and conversation along with an exchange of ideas tailor-made for the weary in all of us.

The evening will include personal accounts of how these two artists transposed the universal intuitive works of words and music to offset the world’s chaos, and how expression of the soul can bring calm to anyone who makes the time to look inward.

The public is invited to attend this  FREE open house which will run from 6:30pm through 8pm. Drinks and food may be purchased at the Hilton Garden Inn bar and restaurant.

Along with the music, interactive conversation and exchange of ideas, there will be a book signing of Beyond the Pews and an opportunity to win a FREE private, intuitive consultation with Backman, the author. Space and appointments are limited.


Jillian Maas Backman

Jillian Maas Backman

Author of Beyond the Pews. Jillian Maas Backman expresses and communicates through words the fundamentals of her background in not only mainstream, denominational religion, but her study and acceptance of ancient wisdoms and deep knowledge of the soul of humanity. She also presents a Leadership Development course, “Get the Edge!” infusing intuitive thought in the decision making process on the campuses of colleges and universities and corporate meetings.

Jillian is available for personal private consultations, corporate and group sessions, in person, by email, or through video conferencing. To make a private appointment refer to her website:  JillianMaasBackman.Com

Paula Cross

Paula Cross

Paula Cross is well known as the Paula Cross Jazz Trio along the Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach area. Her smooth, cabaret style with a mix of jazz and blues makes her a favorite of all generations of fans and venues. Paula is an active member of Unity of Myrtle Beach and owner of Mystic Angel Holistic Harbor. Follow the Paula Cross Jazz Trio on Facebook for the latest updates on her appearances.