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ImaginePublicity on Air: Martin Herman Returns

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Readers rave about Martin Herman’s series of historical fiction which combines a historical account with today’s world events, and, in his words, becomes “faction.” He weaves actual events from history, and what might have been, with modern day characters and leads readers back and forth through time and circumstance . The plot twists and turns throughout the stories and engages until the very last page.

The Will James Mystery series intertwines intrigue and suspense as the characters develop into long lost friends and keeps readers tuned in to the actual historical background of the story.

“It is rare that you read fiction and you are so engaged in the historical elements of it that it inspires you to read more on the topic and feel as engaged in the story as the characters are in the novel!”  BC, reader

Martin Herman has penned 5 books in the Will James Mystery series, with a 6th in the works. He also has available a book of short stories and a biography.

His soon to be released historical novel, The family Rakuso, will introduce readers to a totally new experience as it follows a family of grifters and con artists through history and on to the future.

The family Rakusko – eight generations of charlatans, cheaters, swindlers, grifters, con-men and con-women, rogues and scoundrels who skillfully and repeatedly cheated the rich, the famous, and the infamous; seemingly unstoppable for almost 300 years, until … you will never guess by whom and how they were brought crashing down`

-Martin Herman

As an author, Martin Herman is always engaged and interacting with his readers. He encourages feedback, suggestions, and has actually written characters in his books based on reader participation! Yes, you can become a character as well!

Herman believes in the old school method of getting his books into the hands of his fans through appearances and taking his own orders. He personally autographs each book, lovingly packages it and takes to the post office for delivery to the reader. Personal customer service is key to his success as an author.

Purchase from author’s website:

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ImaginePublicity on Air: Faith Phillips Returns with 2020 Visions

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What is Okie Noir? It is the struggle and pain, survival and rebirth of people in this land, the place where we descend from outlaws and survivors of attempted genocide and the Dust Bowl. -Faith Phillips

Author Faith Phillips returns to ImaginePublicity on Air to talk about new books, surprising opportunities and 2020 Visions, a memoir describing the time of COVID-19 by the Senior Class of Stilwell High School!

Stilwell is situated in eastern Oklahoma between Muskogee and Fayetteville, Arkansas, just miles from the Cherokee Nation capitol of Tahlequah. Stilwell may be poor in economic opportunity, but it’s history is richly steeped in family, tribal community, survivorship and social responsibility.

Riding high on the accolades of her last book, Now I Lay Me Down, Phillips was presented with an offer she was definitely not going to accept, teach English to the seniors of Stilwell High School. After consulting her trusted circle of family and friends, they unanimously convinced her to take the job.

Arriving for duty she quickly realized her students didn’t have the learning tools that were provided to other school districts and laid out a plan to allow her students a level playing field by raising funds online to purchase Chromebooks for the class. #Chromedreams was a great success!

In the midst of gaining trust, and the remarkable transformation of her students, COVID-19 arrived and classrooms were closed at Spring Break. Preserving the momentum to keep students involved, Phillips assigned them to write a daily journal entry describing their experiences. Moved by what she read, learning of their struggles, and inspired by their resilience and survival, she published 2020 Visions, “….. Full of refreshing honesty, spirituality, advice, and hope.

To purchase a copy of 2020 Visions and all books and essays by Faith Phillips head to her website ReadBooksBy.Faith

By pursuing this continuation of the initial Senior #Chromedreams project, 2020 Visions will ensure that every student who passes through Stilwell High School has daily access to the same tools students in larger Oklahoma school districts already enjoy.

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ImaginePublicity on Air: Author Interview with Joni Akerson, TO KILL OR BE KILLED

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Joni Ankerson survived years of unimaginable abuse from the man she loved and trusted to protect her, a police officer, until she realized his escalation of violence would ultimately take her life. That’s when she made the decision that it would not end that way. With the pull of the trigger of his loaded service revolver she shot him dead.

What could go wrong? He was like a dream man.  We clicked, immediately, and began dating exclusively.  But he was not a dream man. He was a nightmare … as I learned over the next twelve years.

-Joni Ankerson

After serving several in prison for her desperate act, Joni has rebuilt her life, a life without violence and fear with the unfailing support of her family and community. She is an advocate for other victims and survivors of intimate partner violence with the hopes that she can be instrumental in empowering them to speak their truth.

During the podcast we discuss possible triggering information, please be forewarned. However, if you are in an abusive relationship there is help available through several anonymous resources. Do not let fear keep you from reaching out.

Purchase TO KILL OR BE KILLED from WildBlue Press website or Amazon and other online book sellers.

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Is Your Book Networking in All the Right Places? Self-Marketing Tips


“Go where you know.”  This holds true in social media networking and marketing your book.  Although the important arenas for connecting with the masses are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, an author needs to go beyond the place where everyone is, and find “where you know” to connect with potential readers.

Authors have a common goal, to sell books.  Creating works of art with words and illustrations, and sharing this creation with their audience is why writers write, whether for recognition of their work, promoting an issue, or their chosen career in which to make a living, all good reasons to sell books.

As an author, where are you spending your social media time?

There are an immense amount of users on Facebook (billions!) and Twitter, LinkedIn connects you professionally, and Instagram is a gem for storytelling. While each of these networks are truly important in the big picture, authors must figure out how to break them down into smaller entities.

This is where Groups, Lists and Stories become an integral part of self-marketing.  Filtering out billions of users may seem like a daunting task, and while working the numbers to create sales is important, targeting an audience is even more so.

Remember this, there is vast territory in cyberspace beyond Facebook and Twitter, and there are many more influential sites available targeted to an audience, authors, and if your presence is not there, you are missing the boat…big time!



 “Goodreads consists of three main components:  readers, writers, and books.  While Twitter, Facebook, G+ and the other social networks offer you a way to reach the masses (some of whom have questionable literary interests), Goodreads has already filtered out the weeds and offers you some of the most voracious readers on the planet.”  (post by John Corwin on Novel Publishing)

Goodreads is the perfect marriage in terms of networking with writers and readers, and according to the above cited article, there are ways to filter even further by genre and level of interest. Create a profile, find a niche audience and mingle, connect and communicate with them.  Like a virtual book signing or presentation, this is a captive audience, joining you there because they like you!

Library Thing

The virtual library, Library Thing connects you to the people who read what you do.

Library Thing members can add books that they are reading or the complete library of books they own, have read, or review.  Well organized and cataloged, you can find a book, or communicate within a group of like readers.

Book Network Sites

There are a myriad of networking sites devoted to all things books.  Bringing together authors, readers, publishers, and marketers, these networks are a vital place to find new ideas and examine aspects of writing and publishing and ways to initiate yourself to them.

Book Blogs and Reviewers

Explore the vast world of bloggers who are devoted to reading and telling the world about their favorite books. If one of your books is mentioned, take a minute and leave a comment, it shows that you are an accessible writer who cares what your readers think.

It goes a long way to other potential readers to see the author who cares enough to comment. These are only a few ways to get your message, in the form of your book, into the hands of interested buyers.

While this post is directed towards authors, it applies to anyone marketing a service or product. Learn to step out of the comfort zone where it seems everyone is connecting by the numbers, remember that quality is more important than quantity, and you need to be “where you know” that others are interested in what you are doing.

It’s time to look beyond the mass market and discover new territories.

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Podcasting: On Demand, On the Go

In the shower. In the garden. In the gym. On the road. Anywhere, anytime, when you want it!

Entertainment, information, experiences, memorable stories, education, in-depth interviews, interesting topics and people comprise the content of today’s podcasts heard around the world.

With the advent of Apple’s iPod back in 2001, which touted the fact that it holds “1000 songs in your pocket,” a new form of listening was created.  The iPod evolved over the years to hold, not only music, but videos, television shows, and “podcasts.”

Along with iTunes as a source for downloading broadcasts, other internet sites emerged with similar offerings and today most terrestrial radio stations have the ability to download and listen to shows at a later time.

The revolution of podcasting introduced the world to “on demand” listening devices that can be taken anywhere.

Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

Podcasting isn’t always music or a conversation between host and guest. Businesses and individuals use the format as a powerful communication tool. Combined with a well crafted blog, podcasts can disseminate information through the pipeline reaching a much larger audience.

According to a 2014 Entrepreneur marketing article: Podcasting can be described as “push” audio content. The “push” is to a targeted audience or an “on-demand” audience; those who want it. Another way to describe podcasting is that it is essentially downloaded audio files intended for listening on the move. Podcasts show up (pushed) when new content is produced. If you’re a subscriber, you get the podcast right then. 

By making information available on demand, much like cable television and networks like Netflix, the consumer is able to subscribe and listen to what they want, when they want, and where they want, making emphasis on quality, targeted programming essential.

Creating Quality Content for Podcasting

The present competition is fierce, so it’s imperative to produce quality broadcasts, both sound quality and content quality.

Podcasting’s expansion is towards networks where similar shows grouped into specific categories are produced and bundled into one site.  If your show can’t meet the quality requirements, it’s likely it won’t be included.

If the podcast is offering quality “edutainment” and amassing a loyal, syndicated audience, advertisers and sponsors are willing to budget on a distinctive show with topics addressing subjects within their realm.

A podcast may be viewed as a product, created to not only push out information, but as a revenue stream. But, because of the rise in competition, it’s highly encouraged to invest in quality to reach desired sponsorships. If you’re producing a podcast and want to rise in sponsorship ratings and audience share you’ll need to step up the quality or step down.

Why Podcasting? Why Now?

As marketing’s pie is being sliced and diced in new ways, podcasts cater to the device oriented, “get it now” audience.

Evolving from the iPod, we’re seeing the availability of podcasts on every computer, tablet, and smartphone through various sources. These are the devices in every household being used, not only for tasking, but for entertainment as well. Apps are obtainable on all the above devices, as well as smart tv’s, making the availability of the podcast product immediate in any market around the world.

Most new cars are able to be connected directly to the internet, or accessible through bluetooth technology, taking advantage of the prized drive time listening audience. Auto makers bring podcast technology to millions of new listeners commuting or traveling by car.

Is Podcasting for You?

Podcasting isn’t necessarily for the faint of heart, especially if quality is part of the equation, and it should be. A podcast can be as simple as talking to someone as a guest across the table, or an intricately orchestrated conversation with experts about a topic.

There is positive power in podcasting, but only if you’re willing to invest the time required to create, market, and brand your product that relates right back to you as a business, individual or product.

You may think that branding your podcast begins with the name and ends with your show art. Not so. There is so much more to it, and it’s vitally important that you get it right from the beginning…..

ImaginePublicity clients who have used podcasting to spread their message, entertain, and provide key information for listeners:

Jillian Maas Backman: Change Already with Jillian!

The late Susan Murphy Milano: The Susan Murphy Milano Show

Donna R. Gore: Shattered Lives on Inside Lenz Network

Sandra L. Brown: Relational Harm Reduction

Burl Barer: True Crime Uncensored


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Podcasting: On Demand, On the Go