Ward Foley “Scarman”

The Story of Scarman

God never gives us more than we can handle.

This is the motto that Ward Foley lives by daily.  Born with Arthrogryposis, a rare non-degenerative condition, he has  persisted through numerous surgeries, disfigurement and pain.  He survived uncountable trials in the effort to live a ‘normal’ life, and triumphed through it all. Now, Ward’s mission is to empower others.

Every scar has a story behind it and is cherished by Ward as part of the process that made him.

Ward has given hundreds of presentations throughout the U.S. and Canada for more than twenty years, at businesses, colleges,churches, and schools.  He is also a frequent guest on TV and radio.

Author, speaker, husband, father, and friend, Ward has also been a Little League coach, cross-country bicyclist, and more – all as part of his lifelong campaign to share happiness and peace.

As Keynote speakers go there is no other. No other that can bring this experience to the table. No other that can connect with audiences individually and emotionally. No other that can teach people that the glass is not only half full but that they have the power to fill it to the brim.

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