Norma Peterson

On October 28, 2007, Norma Peterson’s sister-in-law, Stacy Peterson, went missing sending her family on a high-profile public journey that has run the gamut.

Now, they are able to talk about their family’s experiences with the media and the public’s attitude towards the family of a suspect. By discussing their personal experience it’s hoped they can change the perception of the public for other families of those related to someone convicted or suspected of heinous crimes.

Since Stacy’s disappearance Norma’s goal has been to bring awareness to the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit (EAA), a tool designed by Susan Murphy Milano to help abuse victims leave a relationship safely. She has assisted victims to create their personal EAA and is currently working with local law enforcement and legislators to establish the EAA as part of their domestic violence protocol. Through her direct work with Susan Murphy Milano she is a certified member of DocumentTheAbuse.Com.

Norma has established herself as a professional speaker on the topics of domestic violence and safety. She recently appeared on Crime Watch Daily and a future program on the OWN network about the Stacy Peterson case.