Norma Peterson

Norma PetersonNorma Peterson

Norma Peterson, the sister-in-law of the missing Bolingbrook mother, Stacy Peterson, is the Executive Director of Document the Abuse which houses the work of the late domestic violence advocate Susan Murphy Milano, specifically, the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit (EAA).

Peterson worked directly with Chicago native Murphy Milano behind the scenes during the high-profile case of her brother-in-law, Drew Peterson. Since its conclusion, she can finally speak about her family’s experience and become a public spokesperson for the safety of abuse victims. 

As Executive Director of Document the Abuse, Peterson works with other experts in intimate partner violence to train and certify providers to catapult the EAA into a global network of assistance for victims of violence. In addition, she currently works with local law enforcement agencies and legislators to establish the EAA in their protocol when working with victims of domestic violence. 

As an Illinois State Outreach Coordinator for CUE Center for Missing Persons, Norma, and her husband Paul Peterson, head a team of volunteers who assist with implementing all aspects of Document the Abuse and the EAA.

Norma has appeared on Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen on the OWN Network, featured on a Snapped episode aired on Oxygen channel, and will appear on an upcoming show updating Stacy Peterson’s missing persons case.  

About Document the Abuse and the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit: …“the EAA helps victims of abuse, stalking, or harassment. It can be used for anyone in a situation which has the potential for harm to an individual, be it physical, sexual, psychological or financial.”  The EAA relates the victim’s story, history, and experiences if anything should happen that they cannot speak for themselves.

Website: DocumentTheAbuse.Com