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Mike_Headshot-MedThe “SketchCop®: (Ret.) Police Sergeant Michael W. Streed
Owner, SketchCop® Solutions/Certified Forensic Artist, International Association for Identification, Baltimore City Police Department Forensic Artist

(Ret.) Police Sergeant Michael W. Streed is The SketchCop®, an internationally-recognized forensic facial imaging expert based in Southern California. For 37 years, Michael has blended his rich law enforcement experience and artistic skills to provide forensic facial imaging services to some of the largest, most diverse, police agencies in the United States, including the Los Angeles and Baltimore City Police Departments. As Baltimore Police Department’ s first ever, full-time Forensic Artist, Michael was tasked with establishing the Forensic Services Division’ s Forensic Facial Imaging Unit, building it from the ‘ground up’ while simultaneously managing one of the busiest caseloads in the country. His efforts were rewarded when his Forensic Facial Imaging Unit was the first in the country to receive ISO 17020 accreditation.

In 2015, Michael converted Baltimore Police Department’ s Forensic Facial Imaging Unit to a remote operation, the first major police agency in the country to do so. Today, he remains the department’ s Forensic Artist.

Michael’ s long and distinguished career as a forensic artist began concurrent to his law enforcement career. The experience he gained investigating a variety of violent crimes, sexual assaults and juvenile crime helped him develop highly-specialized interview skills which Michael adapted for his role as a police sketch artist. His unique perspective on eyewitnesses, coupled with strong communication skills, has made Michael one of Southern California’ s most sought after police sketch artists. He used those same skills to develop successful police sketches in several high-profile cases such as: The Samantha Runnion murder, the Anthony Martinez murder, the Baton Rouge serial killer, and Orange County’ s (CA) Fortune Teller murder, not to mention countless others in often less-publicized cases.

Michael has long been recognized for his contributions to law enforcement He has received several prestigious awards, including: The Orange Police Department Award of Merit, United States Congressional Certificate of Recognition, The American Legion Award and was nominated for the Orange County Sheriff’ s Department Medal of Valor. In 2013, Michael became certified by the International Association for Identification after completing a comprehensive testing and portfolio review process.

Michael’ s cases have been profiled on: ‘ America’ s Most Wanted’ and ‘ Unsolved Mysteries’ . He’s also been profiled in several major newspapers and interviewed on: CNN with Connie Chung, Fox News Channel, ABC 20/20 with Barbara Walters and ID Discovery’ s show “Wicked Attraction: Bad Fortune.”

In 2015, Michael appeared on the History Channel special, Alcatraz: Search for the Truth. The program examined new evidence leading to speculation that the Anglin Brothers (John and Clarence) survived the infamous 1962 escape from Alcatraz Penitentiary. Michael was asked to compare prison booking photographs of the Anglin Brothers against those alleged to have been taken in the mid-1970’ s. He concluded that it was ‘ highly-likely’ that the Anglin Brothers survived breathing new life into the decades-long investigation.
Michael is a noted author and popular lecturer. His true crime/memoir, SketchCop –Drawing A Line Against Crime (WildBlue Press) was released in January 2016. Michael’ s book is a collection of true crimes stories that describe his role as a police sketch artist and the significant contributions he made to many high-profile investigations. His latest book, Creating Digital Faces for Law Enforcement (Elsevier/Academic Press) was released in February 2017. This textbook is designed for law enforcement and academics who wish to learn how to create software-driven facial composites. Michael’ s currently completing his second true crime, non-fiction book scheduled for release in late 2017.

Facial Imaging Entrepreneur
Michael recognized law enforcement’ s need for software-driven facial composites. His innovative software programs, Frontalis™ Facial Composite System and SketchCop® Facette Face Design System, address law enforcement’s desire to create digital facial composites. Michael trains law enforcement personnel and forensic science students how to use his software. By combining his experience as an investigator and police sketch artist, Michael’s software programs allow law enforcement to put his skills to work on their PC’ s or laptop computers. Through SketchCop® Solutions LLC, Michael continues to provide facial imaging support to law enforcement, corporations and private entities, while introducing true crime fans to a unique perspective on the true crime genre.

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