Martin Herman, Author

Martin Herman, Author

Martin Herman, a successful businessman, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and a transplanted Hartford County, Connecticut resident for the past two decades, has been writing timely articles and short stories since he was 11 years old. It all began when his 6th-grade teacher pulled him aside and told him that she believed he had a natural talent, and so she wanted to give him a homework assignment for the rest of his life. She told him to create a new story every week; the story could consist of just a few keywords or be many pages long. However, the constants had to be that it was imaginative, entertaining, and above all, contained interesting characters.

As he now admits, he missed a few weeks – but not many – and by 8th grade, he was selling short stories to magazines around the country.

In 2015, several months before his 75th birthday, he published his first novel, a historical murder mystery, “The Jefferson Files.”

He lovingly blends actual historical events in each of his novels with his imaginative storytelling abilities. By creating interesting characters with good and questionable instincts and gently placing them in interesting situations, he can keep the reader engaged until the very last page.

He believes that almost everyone has an exciting story to share and has been tasked to help both young and old put those stories to paper.

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