Lavinia Masters

After years of struggle and trauma after sexual assault, Lavinia discovered and implemented seven steps to her true empowerment after rape through prayer and supplications. Please read her book, “Breathe Again”, to learn more details of how God brought a girl from misery to a woman of ministry.

Victim Advocate, Lavinia B. Masters, a native of Waco, Texas is a mother, loving wife, entrepreneur, author, speaker,  radio host and sexual assault survivor.

She also serves as a speaker, volunteer and Sexual Assault Response Team Member for Denton County Friends of the Family Rape Crisis Center, a national speaker for Rape Abuse And Incest Network (RAINN), and a spokesperson for the Dallas Police Department Sexual Assault Cold Case Program (SEACAP). Lavinia also founded and is the director of the S.A.V.E. ( Sexual Abuse Victim Empowering) Ministry and the facilitator of S.A.S.S.I. (Sexual Abuse Support Survivor Initiative).

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