Claudine Dombrowski

There is a crisis in the Family Courts of America and Claudine Dombrowski is a strong warrior in the battle for change.

A battered mother who lost custody of her daughter to the person who abused her, Claudine’s battle has been ongoing for approximately 16 years, with no solution.

Claudine has diligently worked to bring attention to the systemic re-victimization of abused women who have lost custody of their children to the person who abused them and how the courts are allowing this to happen.

She has taken this issue to the internet by storm, through several websites, blogs and social media sites gathering those together who are uniting their voices to make a difference for the sake of the their children.

I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, your neighbor, your co-worker and or friend. I am only one of thousands of Battered Mothers and  battered children struggling daily to keep our children safe ourselves alive. Many have not survived. I dedicate this domain to ALL my many sisters-and all our children, those who have fallen and those who still stand, being brutalized daily, weekly, year after year- by a system that is supposed to protect, the Courts continue to punish battered mothers and our battered children. United we carry forward the unheard cries of our children…..We are silenced no more!…….Claudine Dombrowski

Through organizing globally, Claudine, and others like her who  have been battered mothers, not only by an abuser, but battered in the court system, have founded American/Australia Mothers Political Party to bring attention and educate others.  Through combining their online efforts across the globe,  they are able to link together, not always physically, but by forming groups through the wonders of technology and carrying their message far and wide.

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