April Claxton

April Claxton

Acclaimed psychic medium, author, life coach and motivational speaker, April Claxton has captivated hearts worldwide.

In her radio show, The Movement Within Radio, April uses her natural abilities to bring hope, inspiration and guidance to Humanity. With true compassion, April offers a multitude of tools that encourage your inner journey by exploring your life, feelings, thoughts and you’re the power of your own unique individual Self. Her down-to-earth approach, tell-it-like-it-is ability and gentle openness have earned her a loyal and appreciated following.

Today, Claxton is a valued psychic medium and author of The Movement Within: 8 Steps To Ignite The Movement Within You, The Power of Self Love: A Mini Book and the highly praised children’s book Goodnight Just The Same, as well as many inspirational messages on TMW Facebook page. As she creates and facilitates new inspiring endeavors for TMW, she consistently continues to hold the space for her clients to experience their own personal messages of Truth and Light.

Claxton’s path has not always been easy and she has had to discover her own value and necessity of Self. It is through her path that she discovered her abilities and a passion for what she does and has gained confidence in where she is going. April is a recovering food addict who has endured years of emotional, physical and mental abuse. She has had to learn what the meaning of Self truly is. Through her own path and life’s lessons, she has discovered that everything has purpose and there ultimately is hope, life and joy for all of us. There is also truly Life after Life! She is an open book because she believes that we all learn and experience life through and with each other. It is also important to note that TMW path began because of hope and it is this hope and inspiration that she continues to share. In order to give hope, one must receive hope first.

April is a native of South Florida who comes from a large family from which she feels has taught her many necessary lessons. She is one of seven children who now lives life one day at a time with her own child and partner. When told multiple times by many mediums and psychics to “journal,” April discovered that she had the ability to receive written messages from the Other Side. She was told that she herself had psychic abilities, and that her life’s work would be to encourage people to discover their own true potential within themselves; lifting humanity one heart at a time. This goal has been combined with her work which enables her to bring hope, healing and validation to people by encouraging them to Move…Within.

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