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ImaginePublicity on Air: ALL SECURE with Tom Satterly

Tom Satterly, author of ALL SECURE, is one of the most highly regarded Tier One Delta Force operators in American military history. As the author of ALL SECURE, Tom Satterly shares his stories and experiences from the Battle of Mogadishu, well known as the basis of the movie Black Hawk Down, to the capture of Saddam Hussein. As a soldier, he recounts his rise through the military ranks to Green Beret, and subsequently the elite Delta Force, The Unit, whose secretive high-profile and high-risk operations are legendary. Readers interested military stories will be thrilled with the action-packed tales of renowned conflicts. But, after reading the tales of war and celebrated battles, ALL SECURE has a message for all combat veterans, especially those suffering the after effects of war. Told through Satterly’s firsthand experiences, it also weaves in the reasons-the bloodshed, the deaths, the intense moments of sheer terror, the survivor’s guilt, depression, and substance abuse-for his career-long battle against the most insidious enemy of all: Post Traumatic Stress. Relating his personal story of coming home, …

ImaginePublicity on Air: SURVIVAL with Vinnie Curto & Dennis Griffin

The true story written by Vinnie Curto and Dennis N. Griffin explores the complex facets of Vinnie’s childhood of unspeakable abuse, his journey to becoming a World Boxing Champion and those he connected with along the way.

ImaginePublicity on Air: Wrong Numbers

ImaginePublicity on Air: WRONG NUMBERS with Glen Meek & Dennis Griffin

WRONG NUMBERS: A Gripping True Story Of Call Girls, Hackers, And The Mob In Las Vegas Back in the 90’s the Las Vegas call girl scene was much different than it is today. Most services were heavily advertised in telephone books and other traditional advertising forms, and controlled by the owners of the “entertainment” services. The main means of communication and setting up “dates” was by telephone. Somebody in Las Vegas found a way to secretly divert phone calls meant for one escort service and redirect them to a rival service. No one knew who was skimming off these phone calls, but certain businesses seemed to be expanding while others were losing calls. A plan was put into place by those familiar with organized crime factions to find the hacker and put him under control of a well-known Mafia family. Eventually the FBI and federal agents became involved in the race to find out what they were up to using technology that by today’s standards would seem archaic. Glen Meek was an investigative reporter at …