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ImaginePublicity On Air: Is Obamacare Really Affordable?

Debbie Hodges explains her decision to opt out of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and pay the penalty even though she has a rare chronic illness, is prescribed several expensive medications, and has ongoing issues related to her health situation. Listen here:   Recently featured in a front page story at the Virginian-Pilot, she, along with others discuss the continuing burden of health care insurance. Hodges is just a few years short of being eligible for Medicare and has amassed debt to pay for health insurance under the ACA. She is prescribed 11 different medications to deal with the effects of her chronic illness, but has to order from Canada, or other countries outside the US, to be able to afford them. Hodges is not someone who takes her situation lightly since being diagnosed in 1997. She planned well for her future knowing her medical costs would continue for the rest of her life. However, what she didn’t plan for was the rising cost of care, along with the rising cost of insurance premiums and …

No Stone Unturned by Steve Jackson

ImaginePublicity “On the Air” with Author Steve Jackson

New York Times best-selling author, journalist and adventurer, STEVE JACKSON joins me to talk about the updated release of his book, No Stone Unturned by WildBlue Press.   Calling in literally from the airport on a flight to Russia to join the team from NecroSearch to hunt for the remains of Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov, Tsar Nicholas II’s brother  who was murdered in June 1918 by Bolshevik revolutionaries. In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: A brief history of NecroSearch and the scientists who created it Cases worked by members of NecroSearch How a true crime author and journalist became an invited member The search for the remains of the Romanovs in Russia Of course, WildBlue Press, how it came to be, and the advantage it has for authors WildBlue Press, the next generation of publishing   After listening to this fascinating interview, keep up with Steve’s Russian expedition on his blog, From Russia With Love located on the website of his publishing company, WildBlue Press. “Necrosearch boasts a brain trust of the nation’s top scientists, specialists, and behaviourists who use the latest …