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Yikes! It’s Almost Christmas! What Did You Get For…..(fill in the blank)!

  It’s so close! The days are rushing by until Christmas Day and you are running out of ideas…..and time! Don’t despair!  We’ve got you covered! Check out all the gift ideas……right here at ImaginePublicity!   Books galore, self-defense training, poetry, intuitive readings, graphic designs, and more! Access to all of our ImaginePublicity Authors and books HERE Each of our clients have something great to offer!  Click on the names below and fulfill your list!   Merry Christmas from all of us!               Susan Murphy Milano Expert Relationship Strategist, Author, Speaker, Advocate, Media Consultant   Anny Jacoby Expert Female Personal Safety Instructor, Advocate, Speaker, Consultant   Lisa Michels Entrepreneur, Speaker, Adovcate Against Child Abuse and Sexual Predators   Gayle Crabtree Founder, Hope For Healing.Org           Peas in Their Pods Helping to find missing children of color, fight against child abuse, and provide information to the public. “Time’s Up!” Network “Time’s Up!” is a collection of bloggers who are champions for victims of crime. 2 Reel …

Lavinia Masters: “All I Want for Christmas is PEACE: Celebrating Life After Trauma”

    “All I Want for Christmas is PEACE: Celebrating Life After Trauma” with Lavinia Masters” Saturday, December 18 · 9:00am – 12:30pm Casa Linda United Methodist Church 1800 Barnes Bridge Rd. Dallas, TX Lavinia Masters is the founder of the S.A.V.E. Ministry (Sexual Assault Victims Empowering Ministry) which is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering victims of sexual abuse/assault, rape, incest, molestation and relationship violence through the biblical concepts, prayer, mentoring, counseling referrals, organized support groups, meetings, conferences, retreats and campaigns. Sexual assault and violence occurs everday in the lives of our loved ones causing their lives to end or be shattered forever. So how can you help? Well come out and hear what female and male survivors have done to reclaim “victory” in their lives. Learn how to be a safety net for victims and most importantly become empowered to take an active stand against abuse and violence. We Look Forward To Seeing You There! Hosted by Edna Foster – FRI Victims Outreach Program Phone:214-727-0511

Release! Lavinia Masters and S.A.V.E Fundraiser and Awareness

The S.A.V.E. (Sexual Abuse/Assault Victim Empowering) Ministry presents a balloon release ceremony that will serve as an outward expression of survivors of sexual abuse/assault releasing their past pain and trauma that sexual abuse/assault brings up into the heavens. The celebration of “release” will be free and open to the public and all survivors of sexual abuse/assault along with family and friends are urged to attend this ceremony that will be held at the GAB Conference Center 1329 W. Main St. Suite B Lewisville, Texas 75067 on Saturday September 18, 2010. The ceremony purpose is to raise awareness, educate for the prevention and offer hope in the recovery of sexual abuse/assault survivors and in the community. The ceremony will also hold a moment of silence for victims that have fallen by the hands of their perpetrators with a special recognition and moment of silence of victims LaTausha Curry, 25, raped and killed in January 1999; Melanie Goodwin, 19, raped and killed in September 2007; Rena Ratcliff, 93, raped and killed in February 1998 and Carolyn Casey, 21, …

D.I.V.A.S. Event Featuring Speaker Lavinia Masters

Vision: To promote, help empower & be a networking support of women entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds and unite them via a special platform that celebrates their worth! Mission: Designed to bring women entrepreneurs and patrons of diverse backgrounds together in a FUN & RELAXING atmosphere to showcase their products, services and skills.  D.I.V.A. Hour is about allowing all involved to network with one another and provide explanation & expertise to other women who may be in need of their services. It’s about being D.I.V.A.! Belief: D.I.V.A. Management believes that women can work together to help uplift, support and empower one another without constantly pulling each other down to get ahead. We believe that diversity can be shown and honored as D.I.V.A.: Diamonds In Various Arrays, because that is who we are as women!