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ImaginePublicity on Air: Martin Herman Returns

Readers rave about Martin Herman’s series of historical fiction which combines a historical account with today’s world events, and, in his words, becomes “faction.” He weaves actual events from history, and what might have been, with modern day characters and leads readers back and forth through time and circumstance

ImaginePublicity on Air: Faith Phillips Returns with 2020 Visions

What is Okie Noir? It is the struggle and pain, survival and rebirth of people in this land, the place where we descend from outlaws and survivors of attempted genocide and the Dust Bowl. -Faith Phillips Author Faith Phillips returns to ImaginePublicity on Air to talk about new books, surprising opportunities and 2020 Visions, a memoir describing the time of COVID-19 by the Senior Class of Stilwell High School! Stilwell is situated in eastern Oklahoma between Muskogee and Fayetteville, Arkansas, just miles from the Cherokee Nation capitol of Tahlequah. Stilwell may be poor in economic opportunity, but it’s history is richly steeped in family, tribal community, survivorship and social responsibility. Riding high on the accolades of her last book, Now I Lay Me Down, Phillips was presented with an offer she was definitely not going to accept, teach English to the seniors of Stilwell High School. After consulting her trusted circle of family and friends, they unanimously convinced her to take the job. Arriving for duty she quickly realized her students didn’t have the learning tools …

Is Your Book Networking in All the Right Places? Self-Marketing Tips

“Go where you know.”  This holds true in social media networking and marketing your book.  Although the important arenas for connecting with the masses are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, an author needs to go beyond the place where everyone is, and find “where you know” to connect with potential readers. Authors have a common goal, to sell books.  Creating works of art with words and illustrations, and sharing this creation with their audience is why writers write, whether for recognition of their work, promoting an issue, or their chosen career in which to make a living, all good reasons to sell books. As an author, where are you spending your social media time? There are an immense amount of users on Facebook (billions!) and Twitter, LinkedIn connects you professionally, and Instagram is a gem for storytelling. While each of these networks are truly important in the big picture, authors must figure out how to break them down into smaller entities. This is where Groups, Lists and Stories become an integral part of self-marketing.  Filtering out …