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Spotlight on Time’s Up! Blog: Searching for Solutions (SOS)

Time’s Up! SOS For Victims, Their Families and Communities Everyday news media outlets shout the headlines of the latest horrendous crime. Whether it be a murder, suicide, missing person, or just a spree of evil laid out upon the world, the news and the court systems are full of crime of every kind. The general public sits on their comfy sofas and recliners in the living rooms of America taking it all in, sometimes shedding a tear for that poor family that has endured a newsworthy tragedy. Then, the lights go dim, the televisions and computers of America are turned off, and the sleepy public goes to bed comforted by the thoughts that there is no evil pervading their lives. No other thought is given to what they saw today because tomorrow brings a whole new barrage of crime and along with it people and families that have been devastated. Whether a victim of assault, domestic violence, burglary, murder, or any myriad of crimes that affect the whole core of your life, you will be …