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Author Lee Love Stands Against Bullying

In her book, Twitch, Twitch, Lee Love’s character finds herself embroiled in a workplace situation with a co-worker bully because of her immigration status, her skin color, her gender, and any other “difference” the bully could find to complain about to superiors. Twitch, Twitch, although fiction, is based on the real life experiences of the author. Jamaican by birth, Lee Love immigrated to the United States at age 11 with the same high hopes of others,, the dream of success. Running head on into discrimination and the workplace bully, Lee Love persevered and learned many hard lessons along the way. Love achieved a level of success which afforded her the opportunity to travel the world and see her wishes come true, but not without a price. Lee Love has taken a stand against bullying of all kinds and has been quite vocal about how it effects the self worth of those who suffer at the hands of a bully, especially in the workplace. One often overlooked subtle forms of bullying can be found in relationships, especially in …