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HEEL Documentary: New Film Project by Ruth Villatoro

  On the “heels” of her successful documentary film about human trafficking in Latin bars, The Cantinera, Ruth Villatoro embarks on a new project bringing audiences another thought-provoking story in HEEL Documentary. In Houston, Texas, in an area named the “corridor of cruelty,” dogs are dumped hungry, injured or dead, many of them fighting bait dogs. One of the organizations involved with the HEEL Documentary, Corridor Rescue, is the beginning, and the hope, for abandoned dogs who are rescued and put up for adoption throughout their vast network. Volunteers are in the area every day to feed the discarded dogs until they are able to find suitable homes and get them off the streets. One of the ways these abused and abandoned dogs are being rehabilitated is through Project H.E.E.L., Helping Empower Everyone’s Lives, an eight week program involving boys within the Harris County Leadership Academy and whose mission stresses personal accountability through Discipline, Accountability, Redirection and Transition (DART). Boys and dogs are connected through the program, fostering each other, a simple solution which moves towards reform of two intricate issues, juvenile …