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It’s a New Day for Donna Gore

After years of interviews and hundreds of podcasts, Donna R. Gore, the internet’s “LadyJustice” is stepping into a new format for Shattered Lives.

Shattered Lives podcast has been the premier place for learning about the aftermath of crime, victims’ stories, and offers resources for forging through the criminal justice system and entering a new normal life.

Donna Gore Launches Second Book in Grief Diaries Series

AlyBlue Media, publisher of the award-winning anthology series Grief Diaries announced the release of Victim Impact Statement. The anthology features 25 true crime stories and real impact statements read in court by loved ones searching for justice.

Donna R. Gore participated in writing Victim Impact Statement, her second book in the series following Loss by Homicide which was released in 2016. 

Donna R. Gore March Events

March is roaring like a lion for Donna Gore and upcoming events. As the author of Grief Diaries: Surviving Loss by Homicide she will be sharing her book, and her experiences, with new audiences of students, readers, and other authors. Along with attending the annual four-day National Missing Persons Conference in Wilmington, NC, she has been invited to appear before a class at Coastal Carolina University (CCU) during her stay in the Carolinas. While attending to her book signing event at Barnes & Noble in Myrtle Beach, SC, Donna had the pleasure of striking up a conversation with CCU professor, Bert Hayslip. He has arranged to have her speak to two of his classes on March 14. She will begin at the Psych of Aging class and continue at the Lifespan Development class with the purpose of educating students on tragic loss and resiliency. Donna R. Gore’s experience in crime victim advocacy began with the 1981 murder of her father. Her personal experience through the judicial system inspires her to reach out to others in …

Shattered Lives Radio: Five Years and Counting

Five years ago Shattered Lives host Donna R. Gore was inspired by Crime Wire hosts, Dennis Griffin and Susan Murphy Milano to begin her very own podcast to record interviews with guests who could speak to the aftermath of crime, it’s victims, and resources to help the survivors. Over the span of 5 years Shattered Lives has featured many expert guests and touched on a multitude of topics, often showcasing the resilience of the human spirit. In the beginning The original Shattered Lives podcasts were 30 minute interviews with the following 7 episodes: Sgt. Mark Vanau on Elder Abuse Janice Smolinski on her missing son, Billy Smolinski Wanda and Sam Reiger on Resilience after Devastation Robin Kraemer of Interval House Robert Rahn and Kim Anklin Private Investigator of Management Resources of NY Attorney Michelle Cruz on Victim Advocacy Dr. Laurie Roth on recovering from brain injury and returning to the airwaves Finding that 30 minutes was not enough time to convey important information, Shattered Lives moved to the Inside Lenz Network joining other …

Poster B&N book signing

Barnes & Noble Myrtle Beach Welcomes New Author Donna R. Gore

On Saturday, September 10, 2016, from 1pm – 3pm EST, Donna R. Gore will meet readers and sign copies of her first book, Surviving Loss by Homicide from the series, Grief Diaries. The book event is sponsored by Barnes & Noble Myrtle Beach in Market Common at 3346 Reed St. Grief Diaries is a groundbreaking book series featuring true stories about real life experiences which often serve as a portable support group for others who share the same path. The series helps shed insight into the aftermath of the grieving experience. Invited to write the foreword, as well as the story of losing her father to homicide, by Grief Diaries creator and author, Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Donna Gore introduces readers to the sorrow experienced when losing a loved one suddenly to violent crime. She explains the reality of being a victim, as well as the importance of care, kindness, compassion, and resiliency. Grief Diaries is the result of heartfelt testimonials from a dedicated and loving group of people. By sharing their stories, the reader will find inspiration and …