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Dennis N. Griffin: In Memoriam

Denny Griffin, ImaginePublicity
Denny Griffin, ImaginePublicity

Denny: Hey D! Is this the D-Meister?

Me: You got me!

Denny: I have something to run by you, have a minute?

Me: Of course I do! Let’s hear it!

And so, the conversation would begin. Denny was the busiest “retiree” I’ve ever known; he absolutely lived a second life with his love Bear by his side every step of the way. I truly believe she is the good woman behind the successful man! 

There are real-life friends, and there are internet friends. Sometimes you never have the opportunity to meet someone you have grown close to through a computer, as is the case with Denny and me. We had plans to finally make it a reality when I scheduled him to be a presenter at the CUE Center for Missing Persons National Conference in March 2020. Well, as we all know, the COVID pandemic destroyed that chance as well as the one in March of 2021. Plans are in the works for March 2022, but the opportunity is missed once again.

I became aware of Denny when he began podcasting; well before it was called podcasting, it was just internet radio. Many people would join him on Tuesday nights in the chat room to listen. He would present the latest author and their new book or an unsolved crime or missing person case that needed exposure. The chat conversations were like a gathering of friends at happy hour, and many of us are still in touch.

Around the same time, I became friends and colleagues with the late Susan Murphy Milano, a specialist in the field of intimate partner violence. Together we developed ImaginePublicity to help individuals gain exposure in the new realm of social media and Denny was one of the first on board. They immediately hit it off.

Along with Vito Colucci, Denny and Susan created the highly popular podcast Crime Wire. They presented cases from three different perspectives. Over the years, many people were given advice and help with their issues. 

One of my fondest memories of the Crime Wire days was just before going on air. Susan said to Denny every single time, “Den, I expect you to have jumping beans in your butt! Keep it going!” A high-energy girl from Chicago wasn’t used to the laid-back style of Denny Griffin.

Denny is recognized for his success as the author of numerous books about the mob in Las Vegas. He got to know the characters like the late Frank Cullotta, co-authoring several memoirs and books on true crime. He is most remembered for his passion for helping victims.

Denny was often called upon to look into cases when all other help was exhausted. Along with other experts, he created The Transparency Project with the mission to provide access to records, re-open investigations and find justice where it has been denied. He assembled a Cold Case Review Panel with private investigator Jen Paddon at the helm. She is joined by a team of experts and supporters. 

In his book, SURVIVORS, he assembled the stories written in first-hand accounts from surviving victims of crime with the intent of exposing the shocking truth behind the alarming number of unsolved murders and suspicious deaths classified as accidental self-inflicted or natural—with little to no investigation.

His last book, The Mysterious Death of Sergeant Rust, recently published by Coastal West, is the culmination of many years of investigation on his part. Working directly with Sgt. Rust’s mother, this was the case he worked tirelessly to solve and give her a resolution. The work is still not done and sadly the case is still not solved.

Dennis Griffin was my client, my co-pilot, and most of all, my good friend. 

Our world lost a kind and gentle warrior who fought valiantly for justice in an unjust world. The heavens welcome him home.

Visitation and Services for Denny on Friday, June 25, 2021 at Nunn and Harper Funeral Home Inc. – Rome, NY.

Feel free to leave condolences, tributes and memories at their site or in the comment section below.

Delilah Jones



  1. Oh wow. This is unexpected. I’m shocked. Is there anywhere to leave messages for his family? I hope his work will be archived and continue to be shared. Thank you for posting this.

  2. I LOVE this… So heart touching! I still have to change my password so I can comment. I’m so glad I had extended time with them in person on the cruise.

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