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Author Interview: Ron Chepesiuk author of THE REAL MR. BIG

In the 80s drugs were a profitable commodity even for governments who allegedly funded wars with billions of ill gotten dollars. Pipelines trafficked cocaine to Americans who were snorting it by the ton. Pablo Escobar was the well-known king of the cocaine trade and proud of it. So who is THE REAL MR. BIG? Listen to find out!

My guest today is award winning author Ron Chepesiuk, one of the “kingpins” of the true crime genre and the author of the recently released THE REAL MR. BIG: How A Refugee Became The UK’s Most Notorious Cocaine Kingpin

“Jesus Ruiz Henao kept a low profile while he built a wide-ranging drug distribution network that extended from Colombia to Spain and Europe and to the United Kingdom. For years, he stayed one step ahead of law enforcement, making more than a billion pounds over a ten-year period.”

THE REAL MR. BIG relates the story of how a Colombian immigrant established himself as one of the UK’s largest drug distributors, his success and his eventual downfall. British law enforcement dubbed Jesus Ruiz Henao the “Pablo Escobar of British drug trafficking.”  The book is is one of the unique stories in the history of the War on Drugs.

Author website: RonChepesiuk.Com

Purchase THE REAL MR. BIG from WildBlue Press, Amazon or your local book store.

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