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Author Interview: Dr. Joni Johnston author of SERIAL KILLERS, 101 QUESTIONS TRUE CRIME FANS ASK

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Mr. Bundy, lie back and get comfortable while we take a look inside your head. No, we aren’t interested in removing it, we just want to see what’s going on in there that controls your urges to kill…and kill…and kill again.

If you are a fan of true crime, specifically serial killers, you have questions, at least 101 of them and my guest, Dr. Joni Johnston answers the most popular in her new book SERIAL KILLERS 101 QUESTIONS TRUE CRIME FANS ASK!

Dr. Joni Johnston is a practicing clinical/forensic psychologist, private investigator and crime writer.  For over twenty-five years, she has worked in prisons, courts, and hospitals with both victims and offenders.

She hosts UNMASKING A MURDERER on YouTube to understand the WHY of criminal behavior, she hosts the podcast THE FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST which explores the intersection between true crime, human nature and social justice. She also writes for PSYCHOLOGY TODAY and has authored several books all of which is linked below.

We discuss Joni’s latest book, SERIAL KILLERS 101 QUESTIONS TRUE CRIME FANS ASK published by WildBlue Press where you may order a copy today!

Joni Johnston books: https://www.drjonijohnston.com/books

Joni Johnston podcast, The Forensic Psychologist: https://www.drjonijohnston.com/podcast-1

Joni Johnston YouTube, Unmasking a Murderer: https://www.drjonijohnston.com/youtube

Joni Johnston on Psychology Today: https://www.drjonijohnston.com/articles


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