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3 Easy Steps to Support your Favorite Author

3 Easy steps to support your favorite author

While hosting a podcast with authors from WildBlue Press, it’s clear that there are easy ways to support authors and their books. Interviewing seasoned best-selling authors indicates that no matter what level of success they have achieved, they are always under the reader’s influence.

So how much clout do you think you have as a reader of books? If you’re a reader, you are the reason that writers write!

Don’t just read a book, put it away, or give it to your friends. Savor the moments it took to bring the story to you in the first place and help support the author that gave you hours of pleasure.

Step #1 Buy!

No matter what format your favorite is, there are several ways to buy the book. If you prefer a hard copy, buy from an online bookseller like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or, better yet, directly from indie publishers like WildBlue Press. Most authors will offer signed copies directly from their websites to add to your collection.

Local bookstores may carry books by your favorite author, but what if they don’t?

You can request to order copies provided they are within the distribution guidelines for that store. It’s a great way to support future books from the author and get copies onto the shelves.

Ebooks and audiobooks are found in several formats, easily downloaded to your preferred device, and are usually less expensive.

Step #2 Share!

All authors, whether established best-sellers or first-timers, appreciate your personal word of mouth advertising. It takes mere seconds to share a link to the book with your fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook.

If you belong to a book club or group page where discussions are held, recommend your favorite author’s book to the other members who may not have heard of it yet. Turn them on to something new!

Publisher’s Weekly recent article on publishing and book marketing states, “….16% of adult book buyers said that they heard about a new fiction title via word-of-mouth last year, the most frequently cited means of book discovery.” According to the article, this is quite impressive compared to the impact of television, which has been losing its clout in recent years.

Tell somebody when you’ve read a good book and help support that author’s future as a writer!

Step #3 Review!

In this new publishing and self-publishing world, a review holds more value to an author than ever. Unfortunately, not all reviews are that easy to get. It’s great to be reviewed by the New York Times or any big city publication, but it’s just a dream for the average author.

Readers can assist authors by taking a brief minute to write a review online, easily showing support for the author and their book. A review not only allows new readers to know how you felt about the book, characters, or storylines but also can influence their buying decision. Your opinion does count!

So there you have it, one, two, three clicks away from promoting your favorite author!


  1. So glad you like it, Amy! As you well know in promoting your first book, award-winning Dying to Live, reader support is vital. Easy peasy ways to keep the buzz moving!

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