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Authors, Can You Market Your Book?

Author marketing

Are you kidding me? I just finished writing, editing, and putting this baby to bed!

The publishing world has evolved from a whirlwind, cross country, all expenses paid book tours to a “no” marketing plan. Authors are on their own. Not only do authors research and write books, edit for publishing, now they must establish their digital presence, gather followers on social media sites, and get their book in the door of bookstores.

On top of trying to carve out time to write, this could put any author over the edge!

Let’s examine some of the things authors should be thinking about when activating a book marketing plan.

1. Take a step back

Authors weren’t meant to be marketers but are thrust into that position after the hard work and pleasure of writing your book has come to “the end.” There’s no time to breathe until you get ready for a new ride… the book!

TIP…  When you complete your book take a step back, but don’t let the momentum stop. It’s the most critical time to change your hat from “author” to “marketer.” Make it count.

2. Change Gears

Now that your book is written, cover designed, packaged neatly, and out the door to the publisher, you ask, “Who will buy this book and why?”

It all looks different from the other side, the reader’s side. What does your book have to offer to those who are expected to buy it? The question becomes part of every waking marketing hour. Readers have so much to wade through, not only in traditional bookstores but online booksellers in every format.

TIP… Your book must stand out and rise to meet the reader. Craft your book branding message around the story, or content, to let potential readers wanting more.

3. Make a Plan

Don’t run to join every social media site and take on followers just for the sake of the numbers; that strategy doesn’t work for the long-term.

You must have a strategic marketing plan. Think quality vs. quantity. Yes, sales are often working the numbers, but be careful where the numbers (potential customers) are coming from.

TIP… Your marketing strategy, or plan, must have a target. There’s no value in throwing your book to the wind to see where it lands. Determine who the target reader is and hone in on them. Target, target, target!

4. Decisions, Decisions

How much book marketing can you do alone? The process of bringing the author and reader together may be a maze to some people; others take to it like a duck to water.

How much will individual publishers do to properly distribute your book? How will their social media presence assist your book’s marketing strategy? These are pivotal questions that will affect your book’s success, and time is of the essence.

TIP… Authors need to focus efforts from all sides towards the target reader both online and offline.

5. Time vs. Money

How much time does it take to market a book instead of hiring someone to do it for you? You may be looking for a little temporary help in specific areas, or you may have no time at all to devote to marketing. One size does not fit all.

TIP… Make a list of what marketing tasks you can do alone vs. what you feel you need help with. As time ticks forward, book sales are sitting on the shelf, so don’t wait until frustration sets in to reach out for help.

Again, make that wish list and reach out!

Of course, ImaginePublicity would love to assist! Call or email for a FREE consultation; let us assess your needs and send you a proposal explicitly designed for the needs of you, the author, and your book!

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  1. I am blessed to be surrounded by professionals who can assist. Thank you Lynda Fell of Grief Diaries and Delilah Jones for your inspiration and assistance. Hopefully, I will be launching into this world soon! LJ

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