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Should Marketers Re-Think Social Media for Small Business?

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One of the things I always tell my clients is that if what we are doing isn’t producing results, we can pivot into a new direction at any time. If you don’t see bottom-line results, it’s time to reassess your marketing practices.

Most small businesses or individuals active on social media have high expectations that the cash registers will ring with sales immediately because they have increased their social media following. It isn’t easy to understand the timeframe and the output of work to create a social media presence that will convert to sales. It’s also challenging for them to understand how marketing campaigns work without personal knowledge of the process.

Not all small businesses or individuals need to spend hours a day marketing on Facebook and other platforms. Often marketing and advertising budgets are better spent in alternate ways such as appealing to real-world strategies, targeting local sources, and using resources to investigate different ways to generate exposure to more suitable customers.

I’m seeing the decline of using social media exclusively to promote a brand or generate sales. Yes, it’s still essential to have a presence, but using solely social media as your publicity tool is no longer a valid marketing policy.

When should small businesses outsource social media management?

When hiring someone (hopefully me!) to manage your social media accounts, be sure they provide other potential avenues. I prefer to assess each client’s needs and address them separately. Social media is only a portion of the strategy or plan to meet client goals.

Let’s face it; small businesses have a small staff and less time to devote to building social media accounts. Explore available alternatives, whether through email marketing, website optimization, or targeted local advertising. I prefer a combination approach.

Training is a viable option for most small businesses and individuals to learn how to spend less time on social media and get better results. Someone on staff may be savvy enough to create accounts, promote stories on all platforms, and engage with followers. It shouldn’t take more than a few work hours a week if done correctly and efficiently.

Digital real estate: Buy or rent?

Remember this vital fact; social media platforms are rented spaces in digital real estate. The landlord can change the terms at any time, alter the algorithms, or make it more challenging to reach an audience. Marketing time and money spent is suddenly gone.

A prime example of changes over the last several years is that we must now pay for it to reach the same audience or another targeted audience. A well-constructed ad campaign can be positive if done well, but no one should put all marketing dollars here.

Although some may think otherwise, the best piece of digital real estate is a website. You OWN it and can do whatever you need to make it work for you and your business. A website establishes credibility as a business or an individual with a product and gives full control over the operations. A website is the hub of an online enterprise and houses all the secret sauces for success.

Three takeaway tips:

  • Don’t overthink or be afraid of social media. Use it for its intention to communicate.
  • Consider training that isn’t complex and can be used by those with minimum tech skills. Outsource things for which you don’t have time or skills.
  • Pay more attention to your website and use a comprehensive business marketing strategy plan.
  • Know your potential customer and your audience and learn how to reach out to them where they reside, either online or in your local community.


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  1. Thanks, these are some great tips! In my opinion Social media marketing will only grow in the future. And I agree, before you start and spend thousands of dollars on it, you have to understand the risk of not owning your social media accounts. Losing your account can result in a huge loss.

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