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Connect the Message with the Messenger


A straightforward three-pronged approach to connecting with a message

Anyone using social media is sending a message and hoping for the appropriate response. But how you craft the messages you are posting will help determine the interest level you have created.

Storytelling is the current and popular way to engage your audience and attract attention. However, each portion of the storytelling process must work together to support the reactions you are seeking.

What is your indicator of commitment?

Once you decide your message’s practical application and how it will affect your readers, you have determined your story’s framework. By indicating a mutual pact, you let the audience know they can follow you until the end.

Demonstrating benefits throughout your story sends the message of confidence, trust, and truth in the statement.

How do you feel?

How you tell the story or post the message indicates your level of passion and appeals to the audience’s emotional aspect. If you feel a sense of attachment or urgency about your message, it should translate in the way you present it. Build in a bit of excitement in the way you present your message.

In other words, if you consistently post in a routine or mundane voice, you haven’t sufficiently hooked your viewers. Why would they want to go any further with you in your storytelling? Instead, engage the audience from an emotional level to be involved in the message’s experience.

Are you supporting your audience?

In most cases, you ask your audience to make a change, either to sway their opinion and see your side of things or to make a purchase from you, a product, or a service.

Supporting the audience is where you gently persuade within the message that their choices are good ones. They should feel confident in the decision-making process because of what they have experienced up to this point.

Incorporating the easy 3 step process in your content creation allows your audience to connect with you personally and genuinely hear your message.



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