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ImaginePublicity on Air: Martin Herman Returns

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Readers rave about Martin Herman’s series of historical fiction which combines a historical account with today’s world events, and, in his words, becomes “faction.” He weaves actual events from history, and what might have been, with modern day characters and leads readers back and forth through time and circumstance . The plot twists and turns throughout the stories and engages until the very last page.

The Will James Mystery series intertwines intrigue and suspense as the characters develop into long lost friends and keeps readers tuned in to the actual historical background of the story.

“It is rare that you read fiction and you are so engaged in the historical elements of it that it inspires you to read more on the topic and feel as engaged in the story as the characters are in the novel!”  BC, reader

Martin Herman has penned 5 books in the Will James Mystery series, with a 6th in the works. He also has available a book of short stories and a biography.

His soon to be released historical novel, The family Rakuso, will introduce readers to a totally new experience as it follows a family of grifters and con artists through history and on to the future.

The family Rakusko – eight generations of charlatans, cheaters, swindlers, grifters, con-men and con-women, rogues and scoundrels who skillfully and repeatedly cheated the rich, the famous, and the infamous; seemingly unstoppable for almost 300 years, until … you will never guess by whom and how they were brought crashing down`

-Martin Herman

As an author, Martin Herman is always engaged and interacting with his readers. He encourages feedback, suggestions, and has actually written characters in his books based on reader participation! Yes, you can become a character as well!

Herman believes in the old school method of getting his books into the hands of his fans through appearances and taking his own orders. He personally autographs each book, lovingly packages it and takes to the post office for delivery to the reader. Personal customer service is key to his success as an author.

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