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ImaginePublicity on Air: Author Interview with Joni Akerson, TO KILL OR BE KILLED

Joni Ankerson
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Joni Ankerson survived years of unimaginable abuse from the man she loved and trusted to protect her, a police officer, until she realized his escalation of violence would ultimately take her life. That’s when she made the decision that it would not end that way. With the pull of the trigger of his loaded service revolver she shot him dead.

What could go wrong? He was like a dream man.  We clicked, immediately, and began dating exclusively.  But he was not a dream man. He was a nightmare … as I learned over the next twelve years.

-Joni Ankerson

After serving several in prison for her desperate act, Joni has rebuilt her life, a life without violence and fear with the unfailing support of her family and community. She is an advocate for other victims and survivors of intimate partner violence with the hopes that she can be instrumental in empowering them to speak their truth.

During the podcast we discuss possible triggering information, please be forewarned. However, if you are in an abusive relationship there is help available through several anonymous resources. Do not let fear keep you from reaching out.

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click to listen to live radio or podcast

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