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Is Your Book Networking in All the Right Places? Self-Marketing Tips


“Go where you know.”  This holds true in social media networking and marketing your book.  Although the important arenas for connecting with the masses are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, an author needs to go beyond the place where everyone is, and find “where you know” to connect with potential readers.

Authors have a common goal, to sell books.  Creating works of art with words and illustrations, and sharing this creation with their audience is why writers write, whether for recognition of their work, promoting an issue, or their chosen career in which to make a living, all good reasons to sell books.

As an author, where are you spending your social media time?

There are an immense amount of users on Facebook (billions!) and Twitter, LinkedIn connects you professionally, and Instagram is a gem for storytelling. While each of these networks are truly important in the big picture, authors must figure out how to break them down into smaller entities.

This is where Groups, Lists and Stories become an integral part of self-marketing.  Filtering out billions of users may seem like a daunting task, and while working the numbers to create sales is important, targeting an audience is even more so.

Remember this, there is vast territory in cyberspace beyond Facebook and Twitter, and there are many more influential sites available targeted to an audience, authors, and if your presence is not there, you are missing the boat…big time!



 “Goodreads consists of three main components:  readers, writers, and books.  While Twitter, Facebook, G+ and the other social networks offer you a way to reach the masses (some of whom have questionable literary interests), Goodreads has already filtered out the weeds and offers you some of the most voracious readers on the planet.”  (post by John Corwin on Novel Publishing)

Goodreads is the perfect marriage in terms of networking with writers and readers, and according to the above cited article, there are ways to filter even further by genre and level of interest. Create a profile, find a niche audience and mingle, connect and communicate with them.  Like a virtual book signing or presentation, this is a captive audience, joining you there because they like you!

Library Thing

The virtual library, Library Thing connects you to the people who read what you do.

Library Thing members can add books that they are reading or the complete library of books they own, have read, or review.  Well organized and cataloged, you can find a book, or communicate within a group of like readers.

Book Network Sites

There are a myriad of networking sites devoted to all things books.  Bringing together authors, readers, publishers, and marketers, these networks are a vital place to find new ideas and examine aspects of writing and publishing and ways to initiate yourself to them.

Book Blogs and Reviewers

Explore the vast world of bloggers who are devoted to reading and telling the world about their favorite books. If one of your books is mentioned, take a minute and leave a comment, it shows that you are an accessible writer who cares what your readers think.

It goes a long way to other potential readers to see the author who cares enough to comment. These are only a few ways to get your message, in the form of your book, into the hands of interested buyers.

While this post is directed towards authors, it applies to anyone marketing a service or product. Learn to step out of the comfort zone where it seems everyone is connecting by the numbers, remember that quality is more important than quantity, and you need to be “where you know” that others are interested in what you are doing.

It’s time to look beyond the mass market and discover new territories.

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