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ImaginePublicity on Air: Alice Kay Hill, UNDER A FULL MOON

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UNDER A FULL MOON: The Last Lynching in Kansas tells of the tragic abduction and death of an eight-year-old girl at the hands of a repeat offender in 1932. This crime stands apart as the last mob lynching in Kansas. Based on true events, this account takes a deep dive into the psycho-social complexities of pioneer times and their impact on this particular crime and the justice meted out to the perpetrator.

Author Alice Kay Hill’s backstory takes us to a time when farming in Kansas was the chosen profession of her family. Unfortunately, it came at a time when debt caused a lot of farmers to lose everything, and she did. So, how did that lead her to write a historical true crime book?

Alice’s grandmother warned her about getting into cars with strangers, then related the story of why; the brutal murder of 8-year-old Dorothy Hunt in their small Kansas farming town by a convicted predator. This is just the beginning of how this crime from 1932 had an impact on the author’s life.

In the podcast Alice talks about these impacts, from the location to the lynching, to the aftermath. Well researched facts are woven through the story as well as anecdotes handed down the generations painting the picture of this horrendous crime.

Beginning in the year 1881, and written in a chronological narrative non-fiction format, author Alice Kay Hill vividly weaves the stories of the victims and the families involved.  She reveals how mental and physical abuse, social isolation, privations of homesteading, strong dreams, and even stronger personalities all factored into the criminal and his crimes. -WildBlue Press

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