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Make Hollywood Great Again: Cinema in the Era of President Trump by Michael Jolls examines some of the movies, political and otherwise, that have been released around the Donald Trump presidency. 

Be forewarned…do not judge this book by the cover! You won’t find any political arguments for the left or the right, but, if you’re a movie lover, you will find it quite a delightful read.

Jolls takes readers inside a handpicked variety of films that expose many of the issues and agendas surrounding our current culture. Films such as The Post, Blackklansman, and Dark Waters educate and entertain audiences about historical and contemporary subjects that carry themselves into the political arena.

Listeners will also benefit from an author and filmmaker’s perspective on the process of putting information and inspiration together in a cohesive form that will be enjoyed.

You will not only want to listen closely to this conversation for all of the golden nuggets, but get Michael’s in depth thoughts on each of the films presented in MAKE HOLLYWOOD GREAT AGAIN.

Michael Jolls is the author of “The Films of Seven Spielberg” (2018); “Rev. William Netstraeter: A Life in Three Parts” (2019) and “Make Hollywood Great Again” (2020). He also worked as assistant editor on “David Fincher: Interviews” (2014) for the University Press of Mississippi.

Jolls is producer to over a hundred various films, videos, and shorts. His most notable works include the screwball dating short, “6 Rules” (2011); the documentary, “Cathedral of the North Shore” (2013); the feature-length mockumentary, “The Great Chicago Filmmaker” (2015), and the multiple spin-off videos including two short films “#Selfie-Guy: A Very Merry Christmas Special” (2015) and “Sell Me This Pen” (2018).


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