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ImaginePublicity on Air: SURVIVAL with Vinnie Curto & Dennis Griffin

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The world of boxing is all about the sometimes brutal fights between men, and some women, who are highly trained athletes. But, let’s think for a moment about the business of boxing, the motivation to get in the ring, and take a look at the story behind the athlete.

SURVIVAL: A Man’s Hard Journey To World Boxing Champion

To escape his living hell at home, at  sixteen Vinnie Curto lied about his age and joined the Navy. Although the falsification of his age was later discovered and he was discharged, while serving he joined the boxing team and made many contacts that would benefit his career in the future. Vinnie’s decision to join the Navy not only altered his life, it may very well have saved it. After his stint in the military Vinnie joined the Olympic boxing team, where he made several more valuable contacts, including the legendary trainer Angelo Dundee.

The true story written by Vinnie Curto and Dennis N. Griffin explores the complex facets of Vinnie’s childhood of unspeakable abuse, his journey to becoming a World Boxing Champion and those he connected with along the way.

From Sinatra to Stallone, trained by legendary Angelo Dundee and Muhammed Ali, Curto leaves a trail of fights, both in the ring and out, to get to the top.

Currently, his message is to children who may be experiencing any form of abuse to get out, tell everyone until someone is willing to help them. Vinnie Curto is heavily involved in the The WorldWide Organization to Aid Youth Through Sports which gets kids into positive experiences and off the streets.

For more information about Vinnie refer to his website: TheRealVinnieCurto.Com

Purchase your copy of SURVIVAL from the publisher’s website WildBlue Press, Amazon, or ask for it at your local book store.

Other books written by Dennis N. Griffin can be found on his website: DennisNGriffin.Biz

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