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ImaginePublicity on Air: WRONG NUMBERS with Glen Meek & Dennis Griffin

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WRONG NUMBERS: A Gripping True Story Of Call Girls, Hackers, And The Mob In Las Vegas

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Back in the 90’s the Las Vegas call girl scene was much different than it is today. Most services were heavily advertised in telephone books and other traditional advertising forms, and controlled by the owners of the “entertainment” services. The main means of communication and setting up “dates” was by telephone.

Somebody in Las Vegas found a way to secretly divert phone calls meant for one escort service and redirect them to a rival service. No one knew who was skimming off these phone calls, but certain businesses seemed to be expanding while others were losing calls.

Wrong Numbers book coverA plan was put into place by those familiar with organized crime factions to find the hacker and put him under control of a well-known Mafia family. Eventually the FBI and federal agents became involved in the race to find out what they were up to using technology that by today’s standards would seem archaic.

Glen Meek was an investigative reporter at the time and along with true crime author, Dennis Griffin, relates the stories of some of the involved characters from actual computer hackers, to call service operators, and mobsters like Vinnie “Aspirins” Congiusti.

Purchase your copy of WRONG NUMBERS at WildBlue Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or ask for it at your local book store.

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