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ImaginePublicity on Air: MOTHERS & MURDERERS with Kathrine Ellison

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In MOTHERS & MURDERERS, Katherine Ellison turns the tables on true crime! Not only does she tell the compelling story of a murder trial she covered for the local San Jose, CA paper, she also weaves the story into a memoir delving deep into her own family dynamic.

The book that took her 30 years to complete intertwines with her life experiences and following her childhood dream of becoming a journalist and foreign correspondent. She had to pay her dues, to the tune of an $11 million libel suit which almost crushed her budding career.

Mothers-Murders-7-22-2019-300x480The women within the threads of MOTHERS & MURDERERS are typical 1980’s upper middle class with a twist. Rejecting the previous decade of the feminist movement, they now focus on family, or the perceived notion of perfection; 2.3 children, successful husband, beautiful home, and status.

Katherine Ellison not only reports the details of a boisterous murder-for-hire trial, featuring an outrageous cast, but also gives readers a study in personality disorders, those of her characters, and the realization of her own.

True crime + memoir works seamlessly in MOTHERS & MURDERERS and Katherine Ellison brings readers of true crime a winning combination!

For updates, appearances, and information please refer to Katherine’s website KatherineEllison.Com

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