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CUE Center Launches Nationwide Missing Persons Awareness Campaign

Community United Effort (CUE) based in Wilmington, NC launches the I AM ONE missing persons awareness campaign on it’s 25th Anniversary to display the thousands of missing persons cases from communities across the nation. I AM ONE serves as a reminder of over 600,000 people who are reported absent from their families. Created in 2015 as a bulk mailing campaign, I AM ONE is now reaching out over social media channels as well.

The bulk mailing program continues to exist and is used when a specific area, or missing person case, is in need of targeting by the media and local community leaders. It’s especially valuable to families who may have limited or no access to the internet.

On a national level, CUE Founder Monica Caison says, “My hope is that national media will feature different, sometimes unknown, cases and dig deeper into the human side of victims. National media provides families a renewed hope that the news will reach more people in a short time allowing for additional information to move a case forward.” People who disappear are loved by many and those are the voices we need to push to the forefront.

The impact of media on a missing persons case teaches the public that we need to care enough to look for all those who are lost. The organization feels that this is not only a state or local problem, but something that needs to be addressed fully on a national level. The significance of national attention addresses awareness and public education that missing persons cases need to be investigated more than the minimum amount.

With social media and technology breakthroughs, the CUE organization is committed to feature missing persons that may not be fortunate enough to become one of the few high profile cases. By using social media channels we can introduce thousands of cases in an effort to gain more support. As the CUE motto says, “Every Missing Person is Somebody’s Child.”

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2019, CUE has seen many changes. 25 years ago there were few national missing persons organizations, and most were geared towards missing children. There was no direction for families and not enough reliable resources to aid the overwhelming number of cases, both children and adults. Families would file a police report, go home and wait, and wait in frustration and desperation.

We have seen the establishment of the Amber Alert, more trained volunteer and emergency personnel, DNA technology for identification, and media outlets beginning to tell the stories of the missing, some leading to valuable clues, and some leading to resolution.” Monica Caison also reports, “CUE was one of the first organizations to pay attention to missing adults and search for them, others then began to follow suit. We have seen many advancements over the last 25 years as we became a professional and reliable resource for the missing.”

In conclusion, CUE Center for Missing Persons believes the most valuable resource is those who have empathy and can become more active in locating the lost and bringing families a resolution. There is no closure, but to be able to have a loved one found and brought home, no matter the condition, fulfills an aching heart, and eases the lingering pain of the unknown, then the healing process can begin.

To join in our effort to bring awareness to the I AM ONE campaign, please follow our Facebook page and share the posters with your circle of friends and networks. Use the hashtags #IAMONE and #CUESTRONG in your social media posts.

Link: Missing Persons “I AM ONE”



YOU can make a difference!

If you would like to reach out to your local media to gain coverage of this campaign, download a copy of the press release and send to your contacts:

FINAL I AM ONE Press Release

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